Friday, August 16, 2013

Willoughby Today

On a purge...Getting to work on a rearrange of our upstairs. This will take a long while, but the first step is the purge. On the way, you find things. This is a magazine called Willoughby Today, from a trip we took years ago to Willoughby Ohio. It's very strange to go to a town with your name. Willoughby Library, Willoughby Christian Science Reading Room... It was also very cool since I love my hubby's name, and only became the person I am when I became Penny Willoughby. It just felt right!

Tons of books and magazines are making their way out... Books I have enjoyed but will never read again. Don't worry, there are still hundreds around the house that are staying...for now.

All neatly bundled, and ready for the library's used book sale...the thrift, anyone who will take them.

Today is my sweet SIL Elizabeth's birthday. She is the kindest, most generous woman I know. She has the biggest heart and I love her so much. Happy 29th AGAIN Betty!

Have a great weekend my friends, and thanks for stopping by. Enjoy this beautiful day

Love, Penny Willoughby!

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Melanie said...

Have a good weekend, Penny...and happy purging!

Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

Must be neat to have a town named after you:) Just catching up on visiting, haven't been around in a while. Going crazy getting ready for the Festival of the Vine on Sept. 7-8 in Geneva. Pretty scary, my first show. Looks like you've been having a good summer! I'm happy for you, friend!

Lynne said...

Happy day Miss Willoughby . . . try not do all your purging at once. (I am into my second month!)