Thursday, August 8, 2013

Galena, Illinois

For a long long time in our family,
a summer would not be complete without a trip to Galena.
The trip through beautiful rolling farmland
is worth the trip itself.

The beauty takes your breath away. 

 Galina, Illinois.  The town is charming.

The Desoto is the oldest hotel in Illinois.
Abe Lincoln once gave a speech on the balcony!

My honey spotted this across the street in a third story window.
I wonder what Mr. Lincoln would have thought of that...;-)

Almost every building has a tin ceiling, and touches
that take you back in time.

My favorite stop every year
is at Ink and Stamp with Sue.

Oh my goodness...the damage I could do to the budget here.

I made it out with only three sheets of scrap booking paper...
That's old family joke and a
Simpson quote to boot!

This store is amazing.
Every year when I walk in...
it feels like vacation.

It's the smell, flowery and spicy at the same time.

I've purchased some of my favorite souvenirs from this shop...
One year a bee skep. a large metal basket..

Every year some dried fruit or spice to add to my large bowl of potpourri
I display during the holidays...
 Forgot to take a photo of what I bought...

Charming, charming, charming...
Part Two tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by, enjoy this beautiful day!

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Debby said...

Looks like a nice place to visit. I could spend hours and a lot of money I don't have in that stamp store.
Beautiful scenery. The Midwest is wonderful isn't it. Never could figure why Ohio is considered the Midwest but it is.

Heidi said...

Hi Penny,

It's been a while...glad to see you are still blogging. Last year after a crazy summer of travel and an unexpected, but exciting move, I just got too busy to blog...or even read blogs.(Somehow I managed time for Pinterest..haha).

I haven't been to Galena since I was a kid, always wanted to go back and now who knows if I will make it living on the East Coast.

Hope you and your family are well...I am off to read some more posts to catch up. Missing my bloggy friends!


Lynne said...

Nothing like that drive through the hills to Galena . . . love, love, love the views!

I really like the wreaths on the wall.

I used to make potpourri when I had roses . . . how do you make yours? You are inspiring me Penny!