Tuesday, August 13, 2013

bon voyage aimee...

The sweetest girl, my niece Amy is traveling to Paris to study
for a semester.  We celebrated together this weekend,
and I got so many sweet hugs from this girl, who has been so
special to me since birth.  I have been blessed to have
cared for each of my nieces when they were very young.
The bond that is formed then is so strong and so deep.
Can't wait to see you at Christmas Am, and hear
of your experiences in France.
Love you so!

Larry, my brother (Amy's dad) has a green thumb.  I just had to take a photo
of his rosemary.  It's three years old and he brings it in every fall.
Larry and Lynette threw a great party with French inspired
food and desserts. 

It sure is starting to feel like fall.  My thrifting and shopping
has reflected the change in seasons.

I want to bring autumn indoors just like it comes outdoors...
a little at a time...
This candle holder will go well with a copper one
I already own.
I bought two candles, one at the thrift.
The store in Door County I always got my winter candle
stash from is closed.  Just a wif from one of their
candles says Autumn to me.
I am so picky about fragrance...not crazy about vanilla notes,
love the spicy, pumpkiny ones.
When I smell a candle I like, I grab it...
They are very rare.

Found this great scrap of fabric...a pillow or two I think.

This kitty goes to my sweet p. who is head over heels in LOVE with kitties!
It is a Boyd's Bear Kitty.  I showed it to Penny on face time and she loved it.
Especially when I sing the meow mix jingle...
you know the one...meow,meow,meow,meow...

Even the paper I bought is Autumn...

Just pumpkin, no vanilla!
From that fancy store...the Wally Mart.

Three fragrances from World Market,
but just .75  from the thrift.

My photos don't show the true colors in this tablecloth.

The colors are rich and beautiful.

How do you feel about modern authors using Jane Austen's
classics as a jumping off point for new stories?
I couldn't resist this one...

My sweetie just  came home from Canada.  Have I ever mentioned that he brings me home a shot glass
from everywhere he visits?  Funny,  since we don't drink  Used to be snow globes... 
Always happier when he's home with me.

Have a great week my friends. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy this BEAUTIFUL day!

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Debby said...

You are making me think of fall. It will be here soon for sure. School starting next week.....where did summer go. Love those scents but I also love vanilla. That table cloth is just beautiful. Glad Sweet P. liked the kitty. (((((HUGS))))

Debby said...

PS. I hope your sweet niece has a great study abroad. So fun that you got to spend so much time with her since she was little.

Lynne said...

Happy time in France Amy . . . I hope your studies go well!

I am similar to you Penny with candle fragrance. I am not fond of many . . . my favorite of late is Mulberry. Really love it . . . and the fragrance in the Party Lite candles is very, very nice.

I like your readiness for fall although I am not sure if I will bring out my things yet! It is supposed to be forty here tomorrow morning and close to ninety Friday . . . My mind is in fall color mode although I think the steamy days will be stirring up the pot a bit longer.

At any rate, let's both enjoy these last few summery weeks with a bit of the yellows and orange in amongst some pinks too!

Please send Amy my good wishes!

Melanie said...

How awesome that your niece is going to France to study! What an opportunity of a lifetime. I have rosemary in my herb garden...one year I tried to bring it in for the fall/winter and it dried up and died. I wonder how your brother keeps his so beautiful?

I love fall decor but I'm not near ready to start using any of it - not for at least another month! I'm trying to hang on to as much summer left as possible. :-)

Terri Cheney said...

It's rainy and cool here today in Georgia, and the trees are starting to put a few bits of color on as well. If it weren't so seriously August I'd swear it was just October, lol.

Jump off Austen books can be readable and fun. I got a book this past year called Mr. Darcy, the Secret of Becoming a Gentleman and it was can't put down good. I'm wondering if the Austenland movie won't be good to see as well. I can just about take Austen 7days a week.