Monday, July 22, 2013

Weird Weekened Update/Little House on the Prairie Edition

A single flower of Queen Anne's Lace came up in my hostas...
I was sooo happy.  One of the highlights of a weird and wonderful weekend.

The weather was crazy.  Storms blew up out of nowhere, but before we had any
rough weather, our guest, the lovely and delightful Charlotte went
thrifting with the old folks. 

You could actually watch the thunderstorms grow.

I'm only posting this for my thrifting idol Kathleen at Charm Bracelet Diva, At Home.
She has the best thrifting skills of anyone, anywhere.
Recently, Kathy found a cloche at the Goodwill...I was like, who finds a cloche at the goodwill?
Until Saturday. With a 25% of coupon in hand we went to the local Goodwill.
My hands already had several things in them.
I looked up at a high shelf and I thought I was seeing things.
There was a perfectly beautiful cloche.

Charlotte held all my stuff while I carefully took it off the shelf.
I carried it like a baby all around the store!
I am just a grasshopper at your thrifty feet Kathy...
but thrifting dreams do come true!  ;-)

I made this sign last week.  My sweetheart and I will celebrate
37 years of wedded bliss this month.
I like to commemorate our anniversary with a craft project.
I've made pillows, decorated canvas',
and cross stitched
samplers in the past.
I found this scrap of lumber and wanted to make a barn board,
rustic looking sign.
I even sanded the edges for a more authentic look.
When I showed it to my honey, he was impressed.
He also didn't know that we had an electric sander...
(It took me an hour to find it.  I kinda knew where it was... ;-)
(I also got rid of two huge boxes of stuff I found in the basement while looking for it!)

Yes we were married in the bi-centennial year of 1976,
back in the olden days for you whipper snappers out there.

I almost forgot, the Little House part of the weekend. 
Our power was off for over 4 hours Saturday evening. 
We sat with our trusty lantern and candles in the dark, and talked and listened to the radio.
It was lucky to have the boys and Charlotte home with us. 
 Everything is better when we have the kids home! 
 Funny thing was that we didn't get a storm until after the lights when out. 
Then Sunday when a huge twirling storm came up,
the lights flashed on and off four times until they went out again. 
The lights were only out for an hour or so,we are so spoiled with electricity on demand. 
Having handheld devices helps, but they are no fun without Internet access! 
 I read a Tori Spelling book by lantern light,
 just like Laura Ingalls did so long ago... ;-)
OK, You may not approve of  my choice of reading material,
but it was a quick and interesting read. (Tori Spelling is misunderstood, there I said it!)

Besides the royal baby, we are waiting for another baby.  Kristen's dear friend Jen is expecting and ready to deliver anytime.  She is the other half of Penny Jennifer, my grand daughter's namesake with me. 
Speaking of Penny, during our face time yesterday she kissed the screen, giving me the sweetest kisses, but as she went to stroke my face, both Mommy and me broke down crying.  The sweetest moment ever!  She makes me the luckiest and happiest grandma. Penny is the sweetest girl.
I miss her and her Mom and Dad so much.

Hope to have some crafty things to show you this week since I seem to be on a roll. 
 Have a great week my friends, and thanks for stopping by!

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Debby said...

Oh how sweet that Baby Penny is. I would have cried too.
You had a crazy week-end. You sure you don't have ghosts?
We had pouring down ran just poured.
Have a good week. ((((HUGS))))
And Happy Anniversary.

Jill said...

Happy Anniversary! You have much to celebrate!

Love your surprise Queen Anne's Lace and your sign is dead on perfect!

Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

Wow, how can that be? I mean, how can you be married for 37 years if you're only 29:) Oh well, Happy Anniversary anyway, friend! And thanks for the shout out, you're too funny. Congrats on the cloche, and with a coupon no less cha-ching!

Melanie said...

The storms were really mild out here in my neck of the woods. No power outages, no trees down. Just some thunder and lightning. Weird, huh?

I've found a couple of cloches at GW, but yours is REALLY pretty! Oh, how my hubby hates cloches...I'll have to tell you the story someday. :-)

Love the sign you made for your anniversary - so clever!

I think your daughter needs to move back to the Chicago area. :-)

Lynne said...

Happy 37th on the 31st! You deserve the best loving day ever! . . .