Monday, July 29, 2013

It was supposed to be mine...

Not my usual weekend update, though we have a few tales to tell.
Last week seemed to fly by, with not much to write about...
except this vintage clothes drying rack.

A few weeks ago there was an estate sale on our block.  I knew the story of
the woman who owns the house...a friend of a friend.  So when we saw the signs
on a Saturday morning, we stopped by.
The very first thing a saw was this drying rack.  It is tall and and sturdy.
It was filled with beautiful old linens, but at estate sale prices, not the rummage
sale prices that are more my speed.
The rack itself was priced at $65.  A fair price, if you were at Kane County or
the Country Living Fair.  Even at half price the next day I wasn't spending that kind of money.

The price tag!

Fast forward to garbage night on my block last week.
We walk every night, heading in all directions.
This night we walked up our block...
In front of the home where the estate sale was held were boxes
of stuff and some things stacked against the
garbage bags.  There was the drying rack!
I was thrilled to garbage pick it!

Thank goodness that my sweetheart is such a good sport.
He picked it up for me and carried it home.
We left it in front of his car in the driveway, while we walked,
so no one would steal my fresh pick!
It's holding a beautiful apron I found recently.

I need a long skirt to wear it with.
Very Tasha Tudor.

I also found this tablecloth.  Though it looks vintage,
it's Laura Ashley.

100% cotton.

All of the vintage linens on the rack are from the little flea market.

A kind man was selling them for a quarter apiece and then threw in
one for free. 

Here is the start of a new collection.  Show you what I'll use them for in a future post.
The temperature is back to normal today after a few really cool days.  A hint of things to come
I guess.  Thanks for stopping by my friends and enjoy this beautiful day!

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Jill said...

I can't believe they wanted $65 for it then just threw it out in the trash! I'm so glad you decided to go for that walk and that you got it! I know it will bring you much pleasure!

babs said... WAS meant to be! Great find!

Melanie said...

I can't believe someone would first of all, dare ask $65 for a drying rack, but then just put it out by the garbage! That's so awesome that you got it for free. Your linens are so pretty. I'm especially loving that Laura Ashley tablecloth.

Lynne said...

A bit of Irish Luck with you my dear. . . great roadside find! (I wish I had saved my drying rack for you!)

Pretty hydrangeas . . . from your gardens?

Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

Yay! What a story! I am so happy for you, doing the happy dance right now! Oh, and those hydrangeas are drop dead gorgeous!