Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Rummage I Forgot...

Two plaques with collage details. 

They are very similar to ones that I made a while back with butterflies.


This serving plate, 13 inches wide with a opalescent glaze.
Much more beautiful in person.

This saucer, very ironstone like but new.  ...not shown assorted fabric, a king sheet and pillowcases.  Maybe that's why I was so good at the flea!  Take care my friends and thanks for stopping by!

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Melanie said...

Ooh, I love those plaques! I don't know if you're interested in this or if the LZ GW still has these, but they had a big collection (dinner plates, bowls, salad plates, sugar & creamer, coffee pot) of Johnson Bros. ironstone in a gorgeous fall-like pattern. I would've snatched it all up, but I have absolutely nowhere to keep all that, plus it didn't match my kitchen (very pale green dishes). I don't have a separate dining room.

Jill said...

Lovely treasures!