Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend at the Thrift, Flea Market and At Home

I've been really good as of late.  Thrifty, you might say.  When Friday rolled around this week,
I took myself on a little visit to the local thrifts.
I found some good stuff.  This vintage measuring cup, towel holder and noise maker for the sweet p.

Honey will put it up near the sink in the kitchen.  I have some really cute dishtowels for display only!
This trait comes directly from my Polish Grandmothers.  Things for everyday, things for show or "company".

Some great ribbon.
 Always looking for things I can use for my club.

I just deposited of a few flags that were very tattered and torn to the local VFW.
(Did you know that they will repectfully dispose of any American flag?) I haven't bought a new one because of the price...until now!

Our little one loves music...

This is a continuous towel, sewn ends together.  Looked up the company but found nothing like it.
You think it was sold this way?  It seems to have a french seam that looks original to the towel.
Reminds me of the towels they had long ago in public bathrooms that you pulled down for a dry spot to wipe your hands. Back in the dark ages;-)

I planted in the last bag I found,
so I grabbed this one for summer outings.

Fabric and a pillowsham

This is Ralph Lauren, $24 dollars a yard... (My yard, $2)

Does this look like pomagrantes to you?  Three yards.
This is sold exclusively at the Merchandise Mart here in Chicago.
(A local decorator donates her left overs to the thrift.)

Eddie Bauer, fancy...
 I think the dot means it's from the outlet store.

This is the only way I am buying fancy pants labels.

The clouds have been threathening, but we have been spared the storms.  It's like we are under that dome...have you seen the commercials where suddenly the town is covered in a large indestructable dome?
Anyway, we have had brief rainshowers and plenty of gloom but no storms.

Last...I have a vision for our  bedroom... I found this spread in the perfect shade of taupe.  King sized, 100% cotton.  Washed and dried like new.  I spent about $18 on Everything.  Considering I wanted a similar spread from Ikea at $60 I think I did pretty well. 

We ended the weekend with a trip to to the Little Flea Market in Wisconsin.  The gloom continued and the chill in the air brought us back to the car for more layers.  I bought a package of shipping envelopes, 10 for a dollar, something I use and spend $1 each on usually, and that was it.  Maybe it was the gloom, or that I had already spent some cash on Friday.  It was really good to get out, spend some one on one time with my honey...oh, and the dipped cones are back at McDonalds.  You gotta try one...;-) Except for the frigid temps, it almost felt like summer! We ate the cone in the heated car, that helped!

I have to mention...last week Kristen Face Timed me with big news.  Kris and Penny were playing and Kristen said...I Love... leaving the the last word out...  and Penny said, GRANDMA! Now Penny has two grandma's and wasn't specific...but even with a 50% chance it was me, sent me over the moon!

It looks like a beautiful day...thanks for stopping by my friends.

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Lynne said...

Lots of goodies for eighteen dollars GRANDMA . . . !