Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy Working Song

The top shelf holds my small collection of Pyrex and the second shelf holds my
Mom's Texas wear bowl she found in the '70's

All right everyone, let's tidy things up...
Cleaning crud up in the kitchen , As we sing along.

 Here I am taking a phrase or two from the Happy Working Song from the Disney movie Enchanted. I've had no  rats or bugs to help, but I am making progress.  I imagined taking the doors off of my kitchen cabinets.  No matter how I arrange things, I have to admit that I am not a neat person, and it would never work in my kitchen.  I did clean and organize my pantry and cleaned the tippy top shelf for all my glass. Some was Mom's, some I've collected.  I use almost every piece when I entertain.  .
 Here are a couple of things I got at our first rummage sale of the year.  It wasn't a traditional sale, but had many vendors including to my surprise, my SIL Elizabeth and her sister Lou.  While babysitting Elizabeth's granddaughters, the little bird and bug, it was mentioned that Grandma was getting ready for a sale.  On the way to Elgin, I called to find out she was at the very sale we were going to!  So beside some cool stuff we got to visit for a while.  I found this cool enameled bowl, another vanity jar and a sweet silver plated spoon for a quarter. (The basket cloche was a gift from Elizabeth for my birthday.)

 I had to have this vintage (from 1964...if that is vintage, I am now antique!) book.  Perfect for my buffet display and a great story to read to my littles.
Remember the spring photos?  I was looking for small plants for a terrarium.  These little guys will have a home as soon as I can find some activated charcoal...Yes that is charcoal for the grill in the box but I haven't found out if they would work the same way as the activated charcoal.  It's holding up the process.  Not that I don't have a million other things to do!

Thanks so much for stopping by and for all your kind comments.  Enjoy this beautiful day.


Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

I've toyed with the idea of taking down cabinet doors, too. But we don't live in a magazine, now do we? I think it would be so hard to keep things looking nice in there. Plus we just have way too much stuff! Small terrariums are all the rage these days, can't wait to see yours! (I've toyed with that idea also, but my crazy schedule doesn't allow for much fun stuff right now!) xokathy

Debby said...

I want your ambition. I think I need to turn off the computer for a week and get busy.
I am using the excuse today for the test I had yesterday. But I need to do something for my own sanity.
I love the small pants. Can't wait til I can do my fairy gardens. hugs

Melanie said...

Love your newest finds. That bunny twins book is so cute. Where'd you find your shamrock plant? They seem to be in short supply this year - I haven't been able to find one!

Lynne said...

So many pretties! I like that you too love your moms pieces and that you use them too!