Monday, March 3, 2014

Weekend Update...SNOW AGAIN Edition

A quiet weekend, snow. cold, shoveling...feels like we're trapped in winter. (aka Groundhog Day, RIP Harold Ramis!)  I baked for son Jon's birthday dinner, used  my winnings (I won a box at our guild service night last year too) of Frango mints to make a chocolate trifle..  Lucky for me since Jon's favorite is chocolate mint!  

The rest of the weekend was spent cutting and sewing.  Our guild had a serger donated to us to help with our service projects.  I have been afraid to touch it.  I don't want to be the one who messes it up or breaks it, but the temptation to try it was too much.  I got out some of my stash of $1 a yard fabric I scored last summer.

There are some really cute prints.

I found some coordinating fabrics for cuffs.

I cut the fabric and pinned the "hot dogs" then sewed with my regular machine.  I made about 20. (The hot dog is a super quick method to add a cuff to a pillowcase.  You can google it)

A few are already spoken for, like the penmanship print for my Kristen.

I got the patchwork to use with the yards of heart print, without making them look like Valentine pillowcases.

When I wasn't sewing, I was crocheting.

Using the leftover yarn from my shawl project, I am making another shawl, this time a long granny.

This is the pattern I am still looking for...the center is made like a long caterpillar.

The roses are drying beautifully.

We ended the weekend watching the Oscars.  I mean, I watched the Oscars, everyone else watched Gravity, one of Jon's birthday presents.  I made myself comfortable in the family room, lit a fire and snuggled down to enjoy the festivities.  It was lovely how many of the winners thanked their Mothers. Ellen did a great job, was so entertaining.  I couldn't wait to get to bed to watch the after show... Honey and I snuggled in bed and I saw the first movie, Charlie Bit My Finger and then  closed my eyes for a moment and fell asleep. Oh well, bet I can catch what I missed on line.

I almost forgot to mention I got my glasses!  I am very happy with them and have worn them for hours at a time. So far, no bad reaction.  They are different though,  and need some getting used to. Picture you ask? No. Imagine Granny Goodwitch with blue framed glasses.  

Today using THE SERGER for the first time. (Cue the dramatic music...)  Wish me luck, and enjoy this beautiful day.  


Melanie said...

Hello, my busy, creative friend! Ohh, Frango I loved thee! I worked at Marshall Fields as a teen and would buy a box of these delicious treats to share with my family. I didn't know they still made them? I watched the Oscars last night until about the last half hour - hour, but I'm sure I didn't miss anything, lol. I caught "the best of" snippets online this morning. Glasses? I thought you already wore glasses full-time? xoxo

Lynne said...

I loved that you watched the Oscars . . . wasn't it fun! That Ellen is just the best . . . keeping it real. I am watching her After the Oscars Show right now and she has the pizza guy on. He had NO idea where he was delivering.

The Franco Mint Trifle sounds wonderful!

How was "din din!"

I/we need to see your new glasses!

Debby said...

You are so busy. I bet your son loved his cake and the movie. Are the chocolates gone yet. We watched a little of the Oscars then headed to bed. We only had 3 more inches of snow but it will be below zero tonight. Even, I the snow lover,is ready for spring. I heard a lot of birds chattering. I think they are ready as well. Have a good week.