Friday, February 28, 2014

birthday love

Sorry Jon, but I love this photo!
 Happy Birthday to our son Jonathan aka Jon Jon.  Jon makes us laugh, he's got our backs...great brother, uncle, cousin, friend and sweetheart to dearest Charlotte.  A son that we love so much. We are so proud of the kind of man he has become.  Hard working, kind, loyal and loving, that's our Jon!  Hoping that all your dreams come true on your birthday and always.

Jon and Charlotte and two old folks...

After a little shopping for the house, you know the pasta sauce, paper products and a few trinkets for the birthday boy...

 I had to pass the local thrift...and there was a sale, 50% off all bed and bath!  I had seen this throw last week, but since I have a few (ha!) I walked on by.  Surprise, it was still there!  Now at $2.50.  It's perfect, I think machine made.  I couldn't resist hearts!
 Draped on my bench that occupies the foyer.  Another one of my anxiety projects last week.
 I added a few pieces, and my hugging pillow.  When I really miss my girl, I give this pillow a hug.

 Close's really lovely.
 I also saw these before, they were drapes with the pins still in.  With a little help from my hubby, we tore the pleating tape out and some of the seams before they went in the wash.  It is like sailcloth, and obviously old.
The colors are still bright and looks contemporary, doesn't it? About three yards of fabric for $4.
No plans for the weekend since we are expecting a snowstorm.  We will have a birthday dinner if the birthday boy can make it home for his favorites.  Thanks for stopping by and for all your kind comments.
Have a great weekend and enjoy this beautiful day.


Melanie said...

Good morning, my dear Penny. When I read your posts, it makes me miss you! Here we live not too far from each other and we haven't seen each other since before Christmas. Goes to show you how crazy our lives are! Anyway...happy birthday to Jon! I hope he's feeling better and that he has a good birthday. I love that blue bench in your foyer - the color is so pretty and cheerful. The heart blanket is perfect there. Love that fabric (the old curtains) that you found. Can't wait to see what you make from it.

Debby said...

Happy Birthday to your son. I hope he feels better this week and you can have your celebration.
I'm not so excited about this storm coming this week-end.
I love that bench. What color is it? The hug pillow of Little P. is adorable.
I love the heart throw. The curtains look like they were made from a vintage sheet. Pretty.
Have a fun, safe and warm week-end.

Lynne said...

Happy Birthdat to your Jon. If you are getting another snowstorm I hope he gets home before the snow begins. Don't want him caught in another accident with a chain of cars.

The heart throw looks so charming, soft and cuddly. How do you find all these pieces and at a steel, price wise.

I can't wait to see what you create with the flower print!

Happy weekend . . .