Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekend Update/Actually Enjoying the Cold Edition

 Starting the update with our son Mike.  Poor guy went from bad to worst with strep last week.  He ended up at the ears, nose and throat guy to drain an abscess that formed on his tonsil.  He is finally feeling better, and I'm so grateful. Mike actually wanted me to film the procedure!  It didn't happen, Mom was worrying in the waiting room.

Our annual brunch and our visiting the eagles at Starved Rock was this weekend.  Here a dog sled team 
was trying to get going, except that the snow was a couple of feet high.  We didn't stick around to see how far they got.  It was cold, but beautiful out.

 There we met our dear friends, Sue and Ron.
 We headed for the lodge and a great brunch buffet. We were joined my Dot and Kev, more
dear pals.
 I love that Sue put her hand on mine.  Friends, what a blessing!  Aren't they lovely?

 Here I am with my best friend.

 Ron and Kev have been friends since grade school.  My hubby is a new friend...just 40 years or so!
Darn, they are still so good looking!

 I took a photo of this building since it looks almost exactly like a government building near us in Wilmette.
I wonder if they came in a box 100 years ago? (Do it yourself government building;-) This is the Army Corps of Engineers building.  A great viewing point across the river from Starved Rock.  We saw about 12 or 13 eagles, perched, soaring...It's a thrill each time we see these magnificent birds.

 We came home for a little Super Bowl watching with the family.  Snacks, chili and the last plate of Christmas cookies from the freezer!  Bruno Mars was awesome, don't you think?  Made me cry, but what doesn't? ;-)

 Today is my beautiful Mom's birthday.  You never stop missing your Mom, and I think of Mom almost daily.  There are reminders of her everywhere.  The afghans she crocheted, the things she loved that are now mine.  In the cedar chest right next to where I write is her wedding gown...

...and the headpiece, once stiff and straight sits in a jar waiting for the day I decide how to preserve it. I thank God for the thirty years I had Mom.  Now that my kids are all near or past that age, I realize just how much I still needed a Mom at thirty.  How I wish...well, you know. Mom is always in my heart.

We are awaiting yet another snowstorm, but I have much to do inside. I hope you are all well and keeping the faith.  Spring will come...even if we must wait 6 more weeks, it will go by in a wink.  Take care my friends, enjoy this beautiful day.


Melanie said...

What a fun time you must've had at Starved Rock. Can you believe I've never been there? I can't believe Mike got an abscess on his tonsil. That sounds so painful. With your mom's headpiece, could you make something "new" out of it? Or, do you not want to take it apart? Hopefully, we'll be able to see each other soon...between you being sick, now me being sick, all the snow...hopefully it won't be March!

Debby said...

How far is Starved Rock from you. It so nice to have great long time friend like yours. We met and had lunch with a couple that we met 44 years ago.
Will your son have his tonsils taken out. Wow, that had to be so painful. Gad you didn't tape it.
We missed the last storm but this one is headed towards . Be careful, stay warm. (((((HUGS))))

Cathy @ My 1929 Charmer said...

Glad to hear your son, Mike, is feeling better. I so forgot about the Eagles at Starve rock last weekend. We've been there the last three years. One of my most favorite things to do since I love winter and Eagles. We usually go for a hike afterwards and come back for more Eagle watching. Hang on we're in for more snow starting tomorrow. Hubs is tired of shoveling snow even with a snow blower. Stay safe and warm!

Lynne said...

Poor Mikey . . . (I had to include the 'y', forgive me!). He has had quite the bout . . . I hope this puts him on the mend!

Nothing like great friends Penny . . . happy you had a great day with them! And a Eagle sightings . . . what a thrill!

Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

I never knew you lost your mom so early, Penny. I'm so sorry. I lost mine when I was 24. And I know that we never get over it. How could we? My mom's wedding dress is sitting in a cedar chest no more than five feet away from me as I write this ~ I wore it at my own wedding 19 years ago. Our lives have so many similarities that sometimes I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone! Oh, and I love Bruno Mars, too. He really was awesome:)

babs said...

You are a brave woman going out in the snow for an event. I only made mad dashes....into the store...into my mom's, and back into the car.

I sure hope Mike is on the road to recovery. I can't imagine an abscess on my tonsil...OUCH!

Thinking of you!

suzan c said...

Starved Rock is almost in my town's backyard as I have told you before and I love the breakfast buffet at the Lodge. Suzan