Wednesday, February 5, 2014

When you wanna go out...

 I like stacks.  Stacks of books, suitcases, boxes.  I put together this stack of small books. In some magazine I read that a hot collectible is small books.  So I went through my bookcases to find these few that were small enough to fit under a cloche.

 I so want to get out...anywhere really...but to the thrifts to see if I can find a couple more small books to stack would be nice.  After shoveling the driveway twice with more snow falling, I guess the driveway is as far as I will venture today. 

I have some baking to do...but isn't it always the case...when you have to stay in, you wanna go OUT!
Take care my friends, thanks for stopping by and enjoy this beautiful day. 

Love, Penny



Barbara Lilian said...

Love the idea of putting books under a cloche. I'm sure you do want to get out, all that snow would drive me crazy. I love to see it but don't like it when it stops me from being able to get out and about , even if I don't need to. I like to know I can if I want to.

Melanie said...

I love little books, too! I love how you stacked them under a cloche. I just may have to copy your wonderful idea. :-) You sound just like me...I've been itching to get out and go thrifting. But I didn't trust the roads today. Perhaps tomorrow, though it's supposed to be VERY cold again. We just can't win!

Lynne said...

So small books is a new collectible huh? They look perfect in the cloche . . . smart and savvy lady!

So did you get a bunch of snow?