Monday, February 10, 2014

Fairy Tales, Bake Sales and Otters

 I was a guest at a Fairy Tale themed baby shower.  The decorations were awesome and just up my alley.
Vintage books turned into pumpkin coaches... The shower was for Rhonda and John...Rhonda and daughter Kristen have been the best of friends, and John and our son Jon have been like brothers.  These kids and their baby to be will be family to us all.  Such an exciting and emotional time!

 Rhonda's niece Yvonne cut each of these by hand! I really appreciate the work involved.  
  She also made the banner, once again with book pages. So pretty!
 Rhonda made the piggie decorations.  Everything was beautifully done.
 Here are the Mom and Dad to be, holding a sweater that Kristen knit for the baby...I love these guys!
 Here is Rhonda with her talented niece Yvonne.
 A couple of charming and delightful guests I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with...our own dear Charlotte and Coleen.  Such smart and beautiful girls.

 Our club hosted a bake sale this weekend at Church.  One of our club members decorated the tables so
beautifully.  Loved the hearts and the teddy bears. I appreciate when someone takes the time to go that little extra to make things special.  Thanks Lydia!

 I made turtle cookies and cranberry and orange muffins.  Getting up for 7:30 Mass was the hard part!
 After Mass we got breakfast and enjoyed it at our favorite spot.
 This is a tiny path, all that's showing of the path we love to walk in better weather.  Honey doesn't do well on uneven terrain.
 So beautiful and serene. Every time we come here it's like a mini vacation.  With my best guy, pretty near perfect!

We got in a little thrifting.  I found this amazing throw.  I have admired these throws at the Pottery Barn
forever.  I have beautiful afghans that my Mom made for me, but they are too precious for the wear and tear
our family dishes out.  This sturdy and beautiful throw washed and dried like brand new.

Not the best photo but oh so pretty.
They are on sale right now at PB for $67...mine was $8 and I had a coupon
that took $2 off!

Surprising, I thought it was... OK, I looked it up...Ottery Barn is run by otters...crafty little fellows!

Just an update on our furnace...All is well.  We had the heat back on by 12:30 and the house never got below 60 degrees.  Baking on one end, fireplace on the other, I ran the dishwasher and dried some clothes,
anything to keep the house warm.  It was a part they had warned us about after the last visit.  Trying to get every last bit out of this old furnace.  We had some big time sticker shock when they sent a salesperson over to discuss a new furnace.  Today we are facing more below zero temps.  When I hear the furnace kick on, I thank goodness for another day of heat.

What's your week look like?  Mine looks crafty, with intermittent cleaning, laundry and bifocals! Oi Vey!
Thanks for stopping by and enjoy this beautiful day!


Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

The shower looks like it was fun, and the decorations were adorable! Love the book page coaches. So glad your heat is back on. Haven't we had enough cold already? I'm writing a spring-themed post today! Love that afghan, too. I still have a few crocheted ones my mom made and my little guy sleeps with one of them. Warms my heart every time he asks for it:) Today it's school as usual (geometry, yuk! and an advanced elective business plan, don't ask)and orthodontist timesx2 in the afternoon. Early Happy V-day!

Melanie said...

Good morning, my dear friend. It looks like you had a wonderful weekend. I have a baby shower to attend in a couple of weeks - the daughter of one of my best friends. She already knows she's having a girl...Emma will be her name. Love the Ottery Barn (lol) throw that you found. How old is your furnace? Ours is the original of the house - 25 years old. I can't believe it's still working, though we know we're living on borrowed time. Same with our central AC unit.

babs said...

My plan for the week is outdoors! Sun, blue skies, palm trees, in the 70’s right now. Sorry, my friend but it is awesome! Arrived today,

Cathy @ My 1929 Charmer said...

What a lovely shower with such great decorations. I just love that Pottery Barn throw you found, such a beautiful pink color! My plans for this week is to do so thrifting with my best thrifting partner, my hubs. We went to a sale over the weekend and it was wonderful, found old milk bottles and a gorgeous rose picture.

Lynne said...

Fun shower ideas . . . I need some ideas for an upcoming shower! Be careful on those snow trails . . .

Happy Heart Day Penny!