Thursday, February 13, 2014

Oh, what a beautiful morning!

I know nothing of tomorrow, except the love of God will rise before the sun... A song that comes to mind so often. I'm sure I've quoted it before.

A beautiful gift from a beautiful friend. Thanks Kath. She is one of two people in the world who call me Penka...the Polish nickname Buscia called me. (my big bro Tony is the other person) Looks like spring, these cheerful towels will surely brighten things up around here.

Hey Jon and you guys! Just wanted you to know!

Waiting for this girl. Look at that beautiful hair, she's just two years old...I'm sure to get a lot of hugs. And then her big sis is coming after school. Oh what a beautiful day!

Thanks for stopping by and for all your kind comments.

Love, Penny

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Melanie said...

What a cheery post - a beautiful sunrise, a lovely gift, and photos of some loved ones. Yes, your 2-year old grand-niece (did I get that correctly?) has beautiful hair!

Lynne said...

Liked this Penny . . . seeing Jon and Charlotte was a treat!

Happy Sweet Day tomorrow!