Thursday, February 27, 2014

All on a Winter's Day

 Finished the shawl.  My model was not too happy.  I interrupted his coffee making, but I needed a photo.
 I guess this one would have sufficed.
 I finish the edge where I connect the yarn.  I hide my ends while crocheting, but this makes a sturdy finish.
 Hope it comforts someone, like working on it comforted me during some rough times.
 These are turning out so nice.
 Watched a documentary last night, as suggested by Josh and Brent on Beekman 1802.  It was called Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf. (My sweetie fell asleep while watching his British car shows...) It wasn't something I would normally watch, but I was crocheting and mostly listening.  Then, get this, I hear Steve Martin's banjo music...They used two songs from one of his albums...maybe three, but I recognized two of them.  Banjo music and Bergdorf Goodman?  I was delighted.
This is one of my BD gifts from SIL Elizabeth.  Isn't it cool?  What is it for...I don't really know, except I think it is a cloche. It's not a bee skep.  What would you use it for?

Enjoy this beautiful day my friends.

Love, Penny
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Nancy's Notes said...

Oh my heavens, what a gorgeous shawl! It's just beautiful and your model cracks me up! Your little crocheted pieces are just so sweet and adorable! I'm not sure what I'd do with that gift, maybe a cover for a dish that you've got outside at a picnic! It's cute!
Have a great winter day, stay warm.

Debby said...

I love that shawl. The colors are so beautiful. Not sure what your gift is but it's pretty. I hope things aer better this week. ((((HUGS))))

Lynne said...

LOVE your model . . . beautiful shawl!
Who are you making it for, or is this for Guild.
I agree with Nancy, a food cover at a picnic.
Craft, crochet away dear Penny!

Melanie said...

Love the colors in your shawl, but it doesn't wear well on your male model, lol. I have no idea what the cloche thing is for - I'm agreeing with the ladies above.