Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Headline: March Lion Frozen, Lamb Delayed!

 Can this be the end of March?  The snow covering the ground yesterday morning is all but gone now.  There are still dirty piles of snow in parking lots and shady corners of the yard.
 It sure looked beautiful, so I ran inside for my camera...could this be our last snow of the season?
 I saw something on Pinterest, a gathering of garden books and such...and "such" I have.
 Putting them all in one place is right up my alley these days.  I am still trying to keep my forty days and forty bags.  I have amazed myself that I have been able to let so many things go.
 My tastes have changed so much over the years, that it has been easier than I thought it might be.
When you have been keeping house, or playing house ;-) for so many years, things start to weigh you down.
I haven't regretted one thing that I have tossed or donated, but I am sure I will someday need one of the things now gone. ;-)

Had some small visitors again yesterday, and actually watched Frozen this time.  Now I understand... Not my favorite, but I sure would like an Ice Palace, the little bird and I agree, it would be awesome!

I have been trying to visit my friends in blogland, and feel bad that I have let that part of my routine go in order to complete my Lenten projects.  Just know that I so appreciate your friendship and your kind comments and visits here.  Take care my friends and enjoy this beautiful day.


Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

Love the bunny and the vignette! And I do hope it was the last of the snow. I couldn't believe it even dared to snow again:) My tastes have changed dramatically over the past few years...mainly due to blogging exposure, I think. My tastes are actually getting younger, which isn't necessarily a bad thing right?

Lynne said...

I like seeing less snow in your photos! Soon I will have pictures to show that too.

Inspired by your Lenten project . . . cleaning and sorting out to bring in some new!

Melanie said...

Your post today about letting all the stuff go was exactly what I was talking to Brian about today! I got so sick of seeing the piles of "stuff" behind our bar downstairs. It was mostly vintage items that I didn't want to part with because they're "worth something". But yet I don't use the items anymore. I don't want to deal with selling on eBay or etsy so I listed them on my FB page today and if I don't get a response from anyone, I will put them on a couple of FB sale pages. If still nothing...then I'll bite the bullet and just donate. What's this about Lenten projects?? What projects are you speaking of and what do they have to do with Lent? Maybe I missed one of your posts...xoxo