Monday, April 7, 2014

Adventure in Chalk Paint

Well, last week as we left this kitchen, the cabinets had been painted but needed to be distressed and waxed. With the help of my ever lovin hubby, the messy and smelly job was completed in record time.
Oh the joy of being tall, no ladder for this guy.  Making the work go quickly, as I finished the distressing and cleaning up, dearest was waxing.
 Smelly stuff, but on a beautiful day and the windows open, not a problem.
 Here the left cabinet is waxed, makes a difference.  I really like how it all turned out.
 Things went back to their old places.  After using a kitchen for almost 20 years, until we can gut the whole thing, it's all staying.  It is fresh and clean...bright and new feeling Frankenkitchen.
 I found the pot for $3.00...I have big fancy pots, but to make mashed potatoes I use my electric hand mixer and that ruins a pot.  This enameled one is perfect except for the handle on the lid. Used my bird towels as a prop...
 and I gave a quick coat of paint to this store some additional spices.
 OK Annie Sloan, I am a believer!  I especially love it for the small stuff. Cream over black was a challenge.
 My dearest pointed this plate out to me at the thrift.  It's a great match to other botanical themed plates I have in my china cabinet.
 Looked it up on ebay...$49.00 for a irregular...ours was $3 and perfect.
 These I loved, and free after using a coupon...spend $10 get $3 off.  I've had a few coupons, since you get one anytime you donate...
 Melamine, from Target.
Last project for now,  the curtain for under the sink.  I'm going to ask my son the photographer to take some good photos.  I don't think my camera captures how bright and cheery everything looks. I was also photographing around the island, covered in projects and the kitchen table with my sewing machine.

I am putting on my nurse's hat this week to help our dear Charlotte who will be having knee surgery this week.  Then I need to really think about Easter and plan our brunch.  Seems all the neighbors were out tending to the lawn and gardens...that's on my list too.

Thanks my friends for stopping by.  Have a great week.


Melanie said...

Your cabinets look wonderful! I can't wait to see your entire kitchen in person - I know photos don't do things justice sometimes. If you use an electric mixer for mashed potatoes and don't want to ruin the cooking pot, you can poor the cooked potatoes into a bowl and then do the mixing. Otherwise, I just use a hand masher to mash the potatoes in the pot. Love all your new plates - very pretty. Prayers go out to Charlotte for a successful surgery. You are such a wonderful person for taking care of her afterwards.

Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

It all looks so fresh and new! Love the white, I'm a big believer, as you know. Also love the curtain under the sink. Can you come and do that at my new house (if we ever find one)?