Monday, April 28, 2014

More Bad Weather on the Way...

Not much to report on our weekend.  We are like a broken record...The little one visits and we end up sick. My sweetest actually took sick days last week.  Something this work at home guy rarely does.  We just had no get up and go.
 The skies were amazing, and I had to take a photo or two.
 Things are really greening up, but with bad weather forecast for the week the garden will have to wait for some much needed attention.
Back to Friday.  I had been working on these invitations for a Mass and dinner for our club.  We had napped in the afternoon so we were up a little later.  At about 10:40 there was a huge felt like lighting struck in our back yard, it sounded so close.  There were no clouds in the sky and I looked out back and out front, but there was nothing.  I turned on News Radio to see if anyone reported anything...nothing. All shook up, we went to bed.  The next morning on Facebook my niece posted the news about a explosion in Long Grove...a five minute drive from here.  A house blew up, with such force as to leave a crater.  Fifty homes were badly damaged.  The explosion was heard as far away as Lake Forest, an hour away.  It was scary.  I cannot imagine what it sounded like in Long Grove.  Thank God, no one was hurt.  What a week!
 In between naps and coughing, I have been working on some projects.  I have used this paper before, and am using it to make favors for our dinner. I'll show you how they turn out later.
On Saturday we attempted a trip to a rummage sale, but found that we had no energy to drive a long distance to look at junk.  We decided to look for junk close to home at the local thrift.  I found that cute wooden bunnie cutout.  All Easter was 75% off.  This terra cotta pot, a little whitewash and it will look tres chic.
On our way to the grocery store we found a garage sale.  I got this square Pyrex baker...I've been looking for a 8x8. It came out of the dish washer and immediately into use.
I dropped my iron before Easter and the back broke so that it wouldn't stand upright.  I looked at the thrift for one, but found only travel irons.  This is exactly like my old one, and brand new!
 A large Pyrex measuring bowl.  I just got rid of most of my plastic in the kitchen, so this is a great find.
I also found these two tablecloths at the thrift.  The blue is heavy woven and 100% cotton.  The yellow and gray (I know it shows here as green) is a Vera...still in the package, original price of $50.00. I spent about $20 for everything.  I used one coupon but am sitting on a 30% off card for just the right find!

We walked into the door and I asked my honey if he was woozy, because I was.  So much for weekend fun.  Still we had a relaxing weekend and are hopefully on the mend and ready for a rainy and busy week.

Local girls, did you hear the explosion Friday night?  It's fascinating how this sound traveled. Just curious.

Take care my friends, and thanks for stopping by.  Enjoy this beautiful day.


Debby said...

How scared that explosion must have been. So fortunate no one was injured. Great finds. I think they need to have bridal showers for those of us that have been married so long. Sorry you two haven't been well. It's like starting school again with the germs. Feel better. I leave tomorrow. From Colorado to Texas then to Ohio. I think it may be a long day with the weather. Yikes

Melanie said...

I'm sorry you and Tyke caught colds you two take any good immune system boosting supplements? We were out of town (Milwaukee) when the explosion in Long Grove happened, but I saw about it on FB. You found some wonderful thrifted items...I have the same glass 8x8" dish and use it all the time.

Lynne said...

The explosion sounds dreadful . . . happy you are okay!
Sorry you and Mr English Valley were feeling whipped and a bit under weather. Rest up . . . save yourself for another weekend of good bargain finds. May your great treasure find luck continue!