Saturday, May 8, 2010

Denim Jacket Redo

This is the jacket I got for $2 at last week's rummage sale. It fits great, but the autumn themed pockets had to go. I first tried to remove the embrodery. When that failed, I removed the pockets. Of course the fabric under the pockets had not faded. I found a floral fabric that I loved. I made some pockets, sewed them on and now it looks a little like a garden smock. I'm really happy with this project. This is the first time I ever bought a used item of clothing. It was fun to make it into something I really like and will wear.

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The Feathered Nest said...

This turned out so adorable Penny!!! I love, love seeing something that's just so-so turned into something wonderful~ beautiful job!! hugs and love, Dawn

tikascm said...

Penny your jacket is LOVERLY!!! Hard to believe it was that 2nd hand jacket you showed me the other day. I have bought 2nd hand things with the intention to "do over in something lovely" but have never done it. Items then go back to good will or wherever someone else might get use from them. CONGRATS ON YOUR LOVERLY ITEM. Carmella