Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Estate Sale Finds

I read about an Estate Sale on Saturday morning, and though my DH had his car in the shop, again, he drove me in my car (he hates my car) to a local sale. I found a great suitcase for $6! I also bought the enameled pan just like one my Buscia had back in the day, and the folding measure thingie, help me Joan, what are they called? An old Illinois booklet, from 1953, some reflective offray ribbon, and a little glass dish. The books came from a school sale we found on the way home, as did the font cd's from Stampin Up. Anybody else crazy for collecting fonts?
Enjoy this beautiful day.
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Lisha said...

Penny, the old suitcases are great! I have one that I put my grandaughters dress up clothes in. As soon as the girls are old enough to help, we are going to decorate it, fairy priness style~~~Lisha