Sunday, May 16, 2010

More Window Photos

Indulge me while I bask in the glory of windows that open and close! These are in my living room. The small window is over the sink in the kitchen. I have so much junk that used to sit on that windowsill, because the window never worked. Where will the winnie the pooh and tigger weebles sit now? How about the A&P jar with the acorn caps and cicada wing? Maybe a small shelf for my treasures is in order.

The shawl I finished while the work swirled around me. I have nervous energy, and my hands being busy helps. Oh, and are those my new windows in the background... Enjoy this beautiful day my friends.

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Lisha said...

Penny, I know you will really enjoy having windows that open to let in the fresh air. I love in the spring and fall when it is cool enough to be able to leave the windows open. It reminds me of when I was little. We recently purchased a home in the country and I love leaving the window open by the bed and listening to the whipporwills and the coyotes~~~~~~Lisha