Sunday, May 2, 2010

Rummage Sale Finds

Here is my haul from this week's rummage sales. A large blue ball jar, 4 hand thrown pottery bowls, 1 lunchbox, a Girl Scout tin, a book about the night sky and sky chart, a beautifully aged children's book from 1950, a couple of vintage hand towels, a Elmo's Blanket book sure to be a hit with our little bird,

but my best find at fifty cents each, these rattan lampshades. I think with some antique white paint and some sandpaper I will have the coolest lampshades for our bedside tables. What will I do with the rest of this stuff? Well, I collect blue ball jars, just love them to display all kinds of things from flowers, soaps, decorative eggs, pasta. Everything looks great in a blue jar. The bowls I will use around the house and when entertaining. You always need a small bowl, for nuts, candy, dips. (My Husband and I have a great appreciation for hand thrown pottery, since we took a class ourselves several years ago. Nothing of ours turned out that well, and it wasn't anything like the scene in Ghost on the potters wheel, though we did have fun.) The lunchbox will go to my daughter and the tin is for me. Yes, I was a Girl Scout. The vintage hand towels will be perfect for some small gift bags, for the right person. The book has great illustrations, and a wonderful vintage hue. I haven't done much paper art lately, since I seem to be in a fabric and yarn period. I have a short attention span, though paper art could come back at any time.

The things not pictured, 500 sheets of typing paper, legal sized, a denim jacket, soon to be deconstructed, a winnie the pooh twin sized sheet, also to be cut and re purposed. The joy is in the hunt, but the pressure is on to use these things. Enjoy this beautiful day.

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Lisha said...

Love those shades! I always seem to gravitate toward rattan and wicker~~I think its that outdoorsy feel they seem to give...Lisha