Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Close to Home

Just a few photos I took last week, close to home.  I had to pick up some apple donuts for my friends.  I live 5 minutes from Long Grove, and visit so rarely, each time I go I'm surprised by the changes.
These kinetic sculptures are amazing.  They were all on the lawn in front of the Mill.  I didn't investigate just where they were selling them, but it would be a perfect gift for a sweet guy I know who loves this kind of thing.
 When they were all moving with the wind,  it was a beautiful sight!
 All shapes and sizes, swirling and spinning. 
Our local nursery is where I buy a large stalk of broom corn to decorate the entry way at home.  This display always catches my eye. 
 The colors of Autumn...
In front of our Apple Store, and at  Apple stores all around the world, tributes to Steve Jobs have spontaneously appeared.  Walking by I had to stop and take a photo.

Today I need to get my craft supplies in order, and all my tools stored away. When ever I start a new craft project, I love to start it in a clean room.  A clean table top, a empty desk.  The crafting and sewing are easy...a clean tabletop is not!  We have a craft auction in one month, and the holidays will be here in a blink.
Off to work.  Have a great day my friends. 


Charm Bracelet Diva said...

I didn't know you lived near Long Grove! We have some very happy family memories of Long Grove occasions. We were there a few weeks ago! Wish we lived closer!


Lynne said...

Please show a photo of your broom corn doorway!