Thursday, October 27, 2011

Creating Among the Clouds

On a cloudy and moody afternoon, I sat in my second floor studio.  I face the eastern sky, and sometimes feel as if I'm in an aerie, and have a eagle's eye view of the neighborhood.  My mind wanders as I watch the clouds and the autumn light.  It's times like this I love to create...

I took out my vintage letter stamps and stamped the words, Love, Noel and Joy on cardboard coasters I covered in dictionary paper. 
I choose the pages I used at random, and all but one seemed to work. 
My daughter Kris brought home these musty smelling stamps a long time ago.  I didn't get why she liked them so much then, but now I think they are so cool.  And, after a few years they are not as funky smelling as they used to be.

I may even like the backs better than the fronts.  I stamped this collaged bird's from a company called LaBlanche, on to brown kraft paper I cut in my big kick die cutter.

I punched the holes with a punch you use with a hammer.  I used my jeweler's anvil  hubby surprised me with.  That's love when a guy buys you your own anvil!! (My guy knows what I like!) It worked really well to make holes in the thick cardboard.

 I finished each one with a crystal teardrop, or a jewel, and some hand dyed seam binding ribbon.

Except for this one... I used some red ribbon and a red stone. 
Pay no attention to the mess behind the chicken wire.
 I had to show you the sky, it was awesome...
 The light was so strange and beautiful...
Enjoy this beautiful day!  
P.S.  Thanks to Alison at The Polo House, for honoring me with a Versatile Blogger Award.  Alison is a sweetheart, such a warm and talented girl...and her home is just AMAZING.  So proud to be chosen and in  such wonderful company. Check it out!


Lynne said...

You have such great ideas . . . creative and inspiring you are indeed.

Congratulations on "being a chosen one!" I went on the Polo sight . . . oh my . . . lovely.

I am so happy I met you through Barbie. Isn't this "friend connecting" through our blogs just the "best time?"
Love, Lynne

Aunt Barb said...

Good Morning Penny. I "love" the LOVE tag. You are so creative. You never stop! Congratulations on the blog award. Aren't you proud as can be! The clouds appear stormy! Hope that's not snow in those clouds!

Charm Bracelet Diva said...

Love these. I'm so into using vintage text these days....can't beat it, love it when the words are just perfect!


Neşeli Günler said...

hello from Turkey :)
your tags are so cute. I will try to do :)

see you again

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Thanks Penny for the mention!
Hope you are enjoying another warm Illinois November weekend!