Monday, October 17, 2011

Mossy Acorns

 Visited this lovely blog called the Quill Cottage and found the tutorial for these autumn beauties.
Don't you  love when you have everything at home to make a project you see?  I didn't have to look hard to find the plastic Easter eggs, since I just straightened up the place this week and came across a bag.  Should I have put them away already?  Easter was only...never mind, I had them!  I also had the spray paint I used on my pumpkin.  So out to the deck and gave them a fast spray.
I had the twine from my leaf project.  I tried to glue with the hot glue gun, but ended up just starting them with hot glue and went with old reliable Aleene's.  Anyone out there remember Aleene's craft show?  Gee that was fun, Carol Duvall in the morning and Aleenes before lunch!  I'm sure I mentioned before, when my kids were all in school, I could tell the time by what was on HGTV! (Kitty B., Matt and Shari... those were the days!)
Had the moss, left over from some other project, and used hot glue to make a cap with the moss.  Then I cut a branch off a grapevine wreath for the stems and stuck them on.
 Such a cute woodsie look.


 Thanks to Sandy at Quill Cottage for a great idea.

Anyone want to reminisce about Aleene's or Old School HGTV?  You youngsters out there, remember... There would be no Nate Berkus without his Mom, Nancy Golden, a HGTV pioneer blazing the trail! ;-)  This is where I shake my cane at you and tell you to get off my lawn!  Have a great day! 

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Lynne said...

Now that is creative Penny . . .
wise and creative, that you are!