Sunday, October 2, 2011

Welcome October!

After a great rummage sale on the North Shore we headed down Sheridan Road to our beautiful Lake.
There is slim pickin's after a certain point, as far as lunch options.  So we headed to Plaza del Lago, to the fancy pants Jewel.  It's really just a regular Jewel, but the customers ARE fancy pants...if you know what I mean.  I bought us a picnic lunch and we ate it in the car at the Lake front.  We listened to a Windham Hill compilation...perfect music to watch the waves.  It seemed that the waves matched the music, and because beauty often brings me to tears...I tried to keep my emotions in check as we enjoyed our lunch. It was so powerful and beautiful.

 I've never seen the Lake so churned up.  The wind was strong and cold.  It didn't stop us from braving the elements and experiencing the the awesomeness of nature.
 The wind made us feel as if we were flying!
 The waves crashed over the rocks...
 and the clouds raced across the sky.
The grasses were whipping, and the beach was covered in surf.
I just had to get in on the flying!   Have a great Sunday.

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