Friday, September 30, 2011

Playing with my Computer

Today, I am playing with my computer.  I'm making labels for a bake sale, and printing out some postcards and tags for a card making Autumn Soiree I hold each year.   I have many programs, that run off of CD's.

My favorite is this one, Signature Greetings from Broderbund.  I can print labels with sweet graphics, postcards, greeting cards.  The copyright is 1997, so I've had this a long time.

I'll cut these postcards, run them through the xyron, then use them mounted on metallic cardstock for a very pretty card.  My girlfriends are the sweetest bunch, but they like easy...traditional...and fast.  I long to shake them up with some vintage photos, collage, distressing, but they prefer this, and I prefer to make them happy. It's the least I can do, they always make me very happy.

The labels are a nice way to say thanks for the purchase of our baked goods.  The proceeds of the bake sale,  funds our many service projects in our community. 
Isn't this graphic sweet?

 I pulled out the "big guns", the Gold Foil labels to make my baked goods shine.
So I don't waste the $$ gold labels...I filled in with a Happy Thanksgiving label for favors I'll make in the not too distant future.  (54 days till Thanksgiving, but who's counting!)  I don't know what the favors will be this year.  Any ideas?  
 It's fun to be creative, and use the computer this way. 

These cute little birds are from The Feathered Nest.  Dear Dawn is so generous with sharing images.  These will be tags for another project in the works...  Well, back to baking.  Have a great weekend.


cityfarmer said...

I love love love those play on the computer days ....

pop over ... think you'll enjoy a memory of our dear
friend Annie

Lynne said...

Your post reminded me of things I used to make on my long ago favorite Micosoft Publisher program. I would click on it and be lost in bliss for hours. Hopefully I will learn to do some of the same soon. I made my own greeting cards, labels and postcards too. Great idea for your sale. Colors and pictures are vibrant. You can use all the different fonts too. Thanks for bringing me a memory moment!
Love, Lynne