Saturday, September 17, 2011

Happy Harvest

It was a great summer, and  now it's harvest time.  Today we cleaned up our little garden.  Earlier this week our little bird picked the first of our pumpkins.  All together there were 36, the largest being a Cinderella that weighs 7lbs 8 ounces. That will be the little one's jack o lantern. 

My helpful guy cut down the sunflower stalks and stripped all the leaves.  The stalks are good for kindling or building garden supports, so we'll let them dry on the deck for a while.

This little garden gave me so much pleasure, and the joy of seeing our little one's face every time she visited.  She wanted to show everyone her garden.  She really enjoyed it too!

 Some of the pumpkins are tiny...Next year I'll try and start them earlier.

Pumpkin pumpkin pretty pumpkin, you're my pumpkin pie...I'd rather be a jack o lantern than be baked in a pumpkin pie.  Does anyone know this song?  Mom and Dad sang it every year at Halloween.  Now I do too!

Have a great weekend!


Lynne said...

I really like your full bowl/container picture of the pumpkins and sunflower. What fun this must have been for your little one!
You know what happens when everything gets cleaned up?
S..., I won't say more . . . not everyone likes it like I do!

tikascm said...

Beautiful, Penny. You and little bird did such a wonderful job! Fall is so wonderful - filled with my favorite colors.

Todd K said...

My wife sings a similar pumpkin song that she heard when she was young- her version goes:
"Pumpkin pumpkin,
Jolly old pumpkin
And do you know why?
'Cause I'd rather be a jack-o-lantern
Instead of a pumpkin pie."