Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Country Living Fair, the wrap up...

 Charming vignettes were everywhere you turned.
 A delightful woodshed.
Bittersweet on a drying rack.  I learned that I need a male and female bittersweet to get berries.  My bittersweet at home never looks like this!
Even the sunflower heads were on sale.  Against this weathered wood fence, it was a still life worthy of a painting.
 The fenced garden was so peaceful,
 and the beautiful woman gathering bouquets of herbs was so very sweet.
Where do you look first?   I see things in the photos I missed in the moment.
 Some weeks I need a laundry basket that size.  Check out the basket weave pumpkins!
 Can you say, "AUTUMN?"
The sweetest vendor of all, Carrie from Hot House Market.  I've seen her and Doug so many times and have such good chats, I forgot to take a photo.  This time I actually walked back for one.
 Charming... how cool is this fence, bittersweet, grapevines a few pumpkins stacked...
 it was like this everywhere I turned.
Isn't she lovely. She is Jennifer Lanne from from Earth Angels.  I just loved her shrug, the lace arms were so pretty.
This is one of her paintings. The scroll work was beautiful, all of her work was incredible!

A vendor walked up to us to ask if we'd like our photo taken in front of this mural.  That's the kind of sweet vibe that made our visit to Ohio and the Country Living Fair so special.  There's more to the story, but I'll wait for another time to tell the tale.  Back to my life here at home in English Valley...  Enjoy this beautiful day.


Aunt Barb said...

So much inspiration...your head must have been ready to burst. Looks like so much fun. I'm in next year! Thanks for enticing me.

Anonymous said...

My head would have been spinning with all there was to look at and take in. Don't you just absolutely love autumn?

Lynne said...

Thank you for the great photo enticements. Barbie and I should plan this for next year. We can meet up!

I love seeing a picture of you and your hubby. I bet you liked that Country Living back drop.

I was on a blog this morning, someone new, and she had been to this market. Some of the same photos. I will send you her address.

Bitter Sweet, I have grown it for years. My berries are all the way to the top of the tree, I can't reach them. Yes, you need male and female. I think I have a pic of the vine. I will send . . .


Hot House Market said...

Hi Penny~ LOVE all of your pics of the Fair! I never got a chance to walk around :( but there is always next year!!!!! It was great to see you~ hope to see you again soon~ <3 Carrie