Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What Happened to the Sun?

I have been Autumnizing the house.  It's been gloomy and dark and almost impossible to photograph my progress.  I thought that using the sepia images would give you an idea of what I've been up to.

I always use lights on the mantle, so even if there is no fire in the hearth, there is still a welcome glow in the family room.

I brought out some copper, again for some warmth and light, and a few of my favorite things on the buffet.

A floral arrangement I made years ago... 

A few more days of this gloom, and I'll be in a blue mood myself.  I'm hoping for some Indian summer days...  Those days of cool crisp air, bright blue skies and the smell of burning leaves... Until then, it's snuggling, baking, cooking and finishing up a few projects, while I wait for the Sun to return!  Have a great day my friends.

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Lynne said...

Sepia delight was
delight FULL . . .
Love, Lynne