Friday, September 23, 2011

Sewing for Fun

After I saw Kathy's lampshade redo with this fabric, I just had to find some for myself.  I bought a half yard with a coupon, and it was still the most expensive fabric I've ever purchased.  I have enough for 3 pillow fronts...  What to do for the backs?  A visit with my friend Mary Anne last week sent me home with fabric for pillowcases for our service project and some for me.  She also had some fabric samples that were very cool.  I choose a couple I loved and knew I would use. Thanks M.A.!

This one was very cool, but had grommets in it.  I put it together anyway, and found that I could thread something though the grommets for a closure on the envelope back.  Pretty cool!  I did sew the back on upside down, but since you can only see one side at a time, it's ok and quirky.  I used a feather pillow form.
 Kinda classy, quite by accident!

Isn't this sweet fabric?  It reminds me of Halloween like when I was a kid. Not too scary. Another gift from my friend
Two yards of fabric I found on sale at the Hob Lob made the cuffs for 4 and the body for one pillowcase.  Five spookie pillowcases, waiting for some little goblins.

I'm making a couple of pumpkins, like I saw at the Country Living Fair.  I got a roll of artist canvas, and I already had the pattern.  I put the pattern on an old plastic place mat, if I am going to use it more that once.  It's much easier to trace than to pin.  I learned this trick years ago when I did craft fairs and did production sewing.  (I hated production sewing!)
 I'm pretty sure this pattern is still available.

Here we have a deflated pumpkin.  I first fill it with a little gravel for some weight.  This pumpkin took one and a half bags of polyfill, to stuff it completely.                                       

These are the decorative rocks they sell in the floral section of Hob Lob and Michaels,  I'm using for some weight so the pumpkin stands up straight.
 All stuffed and ready for paint. 
I'm gonna use sunflower stems for the stems on these two.  More fun sewing and completed projects coming soon.  Until then, I have some pumpkins to gesso and paint.  Have a great weekend.


Lynne said...

Love your pillow and looking forward to seeing little pumpkin gal!

Anne Marie said...

Hi Penny! you are such a creative/talented the pumpkins!

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet Penny!!! Gorgeous creations girl!!! I know how it is to buy expensive just back those pillow with canvas dropcloth or something similar! I love your pumpkins too ~ everything's wonderful ~ I hope all is well with you dear friend, hugs and love, Dawn