Wednesday, September 7, 2011

An Ode to Summer 2011

While our Internet was down all day yesterday, I made this movie with photos from this summer here "At Home" and all around the countryside.  I tried to post this last night, and had some problems again this morning.  I used some available music that isn't long enough for the amount of photos.  I'm learning and hope you'll enjoy it anyway.  It was a great summer, and like every year, I'm a little melancholy at the beginning of autumn. It's not the warmth I miss, but the light.  Everyday now the days get shorter.

We had a great holiday weekend, with all my kids here for a few cherished hours.  Had a wonderful visit with Kris and Doug, a surprise visit from Jon and Charlotte, just returned from Charlotte's best friend's wedding.  Mike is back to only child status...(only child at home) and things are getting back to normal.  It's a long time till Thanksgiving when we'll all be together again, so my happy and fun memories of this weekend will have to do for a while.

It was a short blog break, but I'm feeling a little rusty.  I'll be back with some cool gifts Kris brought me from London, some Kane County Flea Market finds and some crafty projects.  Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy this beautiful day.


cityfarmer said...

i do believe it's been here and gone!

hope yours was memorable

tikascm said...

What a wonderful summer you had - filled with so many beautiful memories - thank you for sharing! Love you, Pal.