Thursday, September 8, 2011


Here is my dear daughter, Kristen. She is holding Ponyo.  Ponyo is the star of a Japanese cartoon.  Ponyo is the favorite of our "little bird".  Kris found a pattern on the Internet to crochet Ponyo, and made one little girl very very happy.  Kris' first love is knitting, but she can crochet like crazy cakes, and amazes me with her talent.

 Ponyo is a fish that wants to be a little girl.  Kris did a great job capturing Ponyo in a cuddly stuffed toy.  It was a gift that touched the heart of a small person we all love so very much.

Kristen brought me some gifts too. All the way from London. A perfect blue apron, a travel case, a camera case and some rose scented hand cream. Of all the places I wanted Kris to visit in London, she hit the jackpot when she stopped at Cath Kidston. Having never heard of Cath's beautiful designs, Kris is now a fan too. The apron is something I would walk around town in, I love it so much. Who is not cheered by beautiful floral accessories?  Thanks so very much Kris for remembering your Mom
with this embarrassment of riches!


 Oooooooooo, la te da, I have a thimble with the Queen on it!  Fancy that!

The packaging is lovely, and the fragrance is old timey Rose. 
The best gift of all was the time I got to spend with Kris...I so love that girl! 

Tomorrow is dress like Steve Jobs Day.
From the Facebook page of iphone Life Magazine...

To honor the ongoing legacy of Steve Jobs, we are encouraging everyone to wear jeans and a black t-shirt/mock turtle neck for one day on Friday, September 9th, 2011.

I am a pc girl, but the iphone has changed my life! (Face time with Kris and Doug make the months between visits so much easier, just to name one example.) Tomorrow, if I can find one in my closet...I will wear a black turtle neck in tribute to Mr. Jobs, and say a little prayer for him too.

Have a great day my friends. 


cityfarmer said...

iphone, yes yes yes

lisa said...

hi penny--your daughter is a doll!!
it was wonderful to see you and your hubby this past weekend and, of course, thank you again for my little dress! the only thing that would have made the complete package, would have been if i was svelt enough to fit INTO the little dress--but, alas, even as a baby, i'll bet it was STILL too small. ha ha.
best, lisa (the frenchman's wife).

Lynne said...

What fun, nothing like having your daughter home. I haven't met you Penny but I have caught your smile here and there and this young girl has it going for her with her mommas

Charm Bracelet Diva said...

Hey Penny! You may not believe this but my kids love Ponyo! They brought home a DVD one time from RedBox and said "It's Ponyo." I was like, "It's who?" They've watched it a few times since. Very cute creation! And very cute daughter. (Jealous of all the CK stuff, btw...)