Thursday, September 22, 2011

Close Encounter of the Monarch Kind

It's wonderful to have a close encounter with a butterfly during the summer, but it's awesome to see a Monarch on September 20th, when it is on it's way to Mexico for the migration.

This wasn't a ragged, worn down butterfly.  It was brand new, and taking good long drinks from my late planted, and long awaited seashell cosmos. 
I saw the Monarch from my kitchen window, grabbed my camera and had chills running down my spine as it circled and landed right in front of me. I quietly said, as I am prone to conversations with butterflies, "you've got a long trip ahead of you."  Though butterflies are usually shy, this one hung around a while.  I took 20 or so photos, and then it disappeared.  I thought maybe it landed on me, because it was gone in a instant.  No time to lose for a migrating butterfly.

 Even the bees were cooperative, and posed for a photo.

 Something about a close encounter with a butterfly makes me feel so grateful, and close to God.

Check out this article about the challenges that Monarch's face.  Next year I will let more of the milkweed in my garden grow, and purposely plant flowers a little later, for the Monarchs...and for my soul.  Have a great day dear friends!


Lynne said...

Gorgeous beyond words . . .
Remind me to tell you my
Monarch Butterfly story sometime . . .

Debby said...

I had a friend (guy) that volunteered to work with the Monarch Butterflies. I think he tagged them.
Beautiful pictures.
I read your CL is fun to see what others saw and that I missed. I never made it to Earth
Angels and that is the one I wanted to see. Everyone liked that lemonade stand.
Thanks for stopping by. I am going to follow you.
My started turning when I was 22. The back is still a little dark. I colored it til about 10 years ago and just gave up. I like the white but sometimes I get taken for older than I already am, hah.