Thursday, January 9, 2014

And a box of bears...

In the mail I received a box from my dear friend Lynne, from Irish Garden House. Inside the box were these two handmade bears. (along with other Christmas treasures) The white bear is fully jointed, even it's head rotates 360 degrees. The smaller bear was made from an old coat, he is beautifully frayed and has the sweetest face. Lynne saw my bears on the stairs and thought I would enjoy these two! I do collect bears, but I don't know if I ever shared that I am also a bear maker. I am so impressed with the workmanship and love put into the making of these bears. The artist was a friend of Lynne's, and made her several other very special bears from clothing and a coat. I started making bears while working at a fabric store part time when my kids were young. I've made dozens, from bears to represent my whole family, to bears for craft shows and special gifts.

Lynne is sorting all of her Christmas decorations, and I am sure that this was not the only box she shared. Lynne is sharing these bears with me, and I am so very glad to add them to my collection. Lynne is one in a million. She is generous and thoughtful but also very intuitive. These bears coming to me, in fact every thing she has ever gifted me with, comes from a deep and special place in this sweet girl's heart. She has shared a precious paper cutting that was made by her Mom long ago. She did not know that I also cut scherinschnitte, but knew I would appreciate it. I mentioned my love for Tasha Tudor on my blog and a beautiful Christmas volume showed up at my door. I display it every Christmas, along with the card that also touched my heart.
Lynne has blessed my life. Lynne not only shares special things, but her heart. Her friendship, though we are miles apart means so much to me. I also want to thank you Barb, for generously sharing your friend with me. To think I have these wonderful friends because of a post I did on pierogi! ;-) Thank you Lynne for being so kind, so generous, so special! I am truly blessed.

The sunrise this morning...

A project, "a chalkboard look card." Tell you more about this crafty project soon.

The furnace repair guy, I swear he was 12 years old, just left and we once again have heat. Just a couple of hours without, but I was shaking in my boots to know how much this was gonna cost. Thank goodness, not too much.

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy this beautiful day.

Love, Penny

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babs said...

How cute are those bears. Lynne is such a dear friend. One of the most thoughtful persons I know. My mom's furnace went out last friday. She ended up having to get a new furnace...glad you didn't have to replace yours. What a thing to experience when its zero...needless to say, she was with us over the weekend. Stay warm and cozy,

Lynne said...

I am blushing . . . so happy you love the handmade bears. Who better than you to enjoy the talent of this gal. I forgot to tell you about the teeny tiny ones . . . I might have to show you and not let you touch! SMILE!

Melanie said...

Those bears are so cute! They will be so at home with all your other bears. I've only met Lynne once - last year at the Midwest blogger's meet-up - and I agree that she is a sweetheart! I am so sorry to hear your heat went out. Boy, that seems to be a common problem around here. :-o What was wrong with it? Happy to hear it didn't cost too much. That's a relief.