Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Sun Still Shines

 A amazing sunrise...

 When you can see the glow from a closed blind, you know it's gonna be beautiful.

 The Sun still shines on us.  We have been blessed with 3 full days of sunshine.  Just sitting in the window was good for my cabin fever.

 The sun on the snow and the day a little longer gives me energy.

 Still the only things moving outdoors are the birds and occasional cat sunning itself on our deck.

The roads are still icy but we walked in the cold and it felt good.

Just wanted to share these special edition teas from Bigelow for Valentine's Day.  Such a neat idea.
Great as a little gift, or to have on hand for sweethearts right here at home.

I've got some company coming, the small kind I love the best.  They feed my soul like the sun...all warm and bright and full of life.

Take care my friends,  Thanks for stopping by and enjoy this beautiful day.


Debby said...

The sun has been shining here to. It sure helps when the weather is so cold. Yesterday -22 today -8, but it is warming up. I haven't been out since Monday so I haven't experienced the cold.
Have fun with your little company. Baby P. or the other little girls? Have fun.

Debbie Freitag said...

My husband took the same picture this morning. What a beautiful sunrise. What's that old saying? Red sky at night, shepherd's delight. Red sky at morning, shepherd take warning." I suppose it's correct because now we have a 100% chance of snow again! This winter wonderland is beginning to make me wonder if it will ever be spring!
Stay warm and have a wonderful day!

Lynne said...

Beautiful sun is such a treat isn't! We had some yesterday and I was giddy . . . I love the longer days now too! You know what that means . . . once again, it happens every year . . . SPRING!

Enjoy the little ones . . . and happy days!

Melanie said...

Someone on FB had commented how beautiful the sunrise was this morning and now I see your photos - look what I missed by still sleeping! lol You know me...I'm more the night owl. I could tell you all about how it looks out there around midnight. ;-) I hope you enjoy the little one's company today. It sure did turn cloudy and snowy and nasty quickly today, didn't it?

Barbara Lilian said...

What beautiful sunrise shots you have taken. I'm back in the painting mood! I would like to use one of your photos to paint, just an exercise for myself. As you will see if you look at my blog I'm only a beginner, practising 3 colour washes. Please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you.

At Home in English Valley said...

Barbara Lillian, I would love if you would use my photos for inspiration. I did not know how to contact you...please email me so I can in the future . Love, Penny