Sunday, January 19, 2014

Weekend Update, Lucky Junk Edition

Thanks to my dear friend Jean, who sent me a clipping from our local paper, my dearest and I went to a grand opening of a local store Lucky Junk.

At 405 South Arlington Heights Road in Arlington Heights, Illinois, Lucky Junk is filled with amazing vintage treasures. The windows were decorated with hand cut snowflakes made from newsprint. So cool! We were warmly greeted and immediately impressed with the great dispays.

I never looked at the price of these cubbies...why break a girl's heart...

The checkout...I signed up for the mailing list. There will be classes and other events!

The great displays! I love crochet thread, and have filled a few cloches with my own abundant stash.

What to do with piano player about amour? At one of the thrifts I visit they had dozens of these rolls. What a great original idea!

What did I buy? ...These cool ivory colored handled knives. ( ivory, Bakelite, plastic?...I don't know...) I've always wanted some to display with my vintage silverware. I met the owner of Lucky Junk, named Janet, when I asked for permission to photograph some of the vintage treasures for my blog. She was friendly and kind, and by the looks of her shop a kindred spirit. Everything in the shop I wanted or already had one of my own! This is an occasional shop so check her blog for the dates of her sales and events.

We did a little shopping on Saturday, until the weather took a bad turn. Funny but three inches of snow didn't seem to stop anyone on Sunday when the sun came out. I'll show you a couple of my thrifted treasures later this week.
Another trip up Route14 and another eagle sighting! This time I saw a photographer aiming his camera up into the trees. Then I saw the eagle, perched high in a sturdy branch. It is cool to see these magnificent birds up close!

January is flying by and Valentine's Day is on my mind. Working on a few projects I hope to share in the days ahead. Thanks for stopping by, enjoy this beautiful day.

Love, Penny


Lynne said...

Sounds like a happy snowy weekend . . . with a visit to a new shop! Stay warm today!

Melanie said...

That looks like an awesome store! Were the prices pretty high? I would imagine they would be in a shop like that. Have you ever gone shopping at the Volo Antique Mall? You and I need to go there together. ;-) That is amazing that you saw another eagle. Why am I not seeing any in my area?!

Cathy @ My 1929 Charmer said...

After posting this comments I'm gonna look up where Arlington Heights is so maybe I'll head up and check out this great looking thrift store. Love the amour idea of old piano rolls. Unlike I would of had to look a the price of those adorable cubbies. Love those ivory colored handled knives!

Debby said...

Looks like a fun shop. Were the cubbies tall. They look like a printers tray.
I can't wait to see what you are up to.

Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

The store sounds right up my alley! I 'm trying not to buy stuff due to the impending move but it's so hard! I have one of those piano rolls I picked up at a thrift shop in Geneva a few years ago. Saw someone on a blog use one as a table runner....always thought I'd give that a try one of these days. Glad you're having fun!