Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Chalkboard Technique Valentines

I have been away from card making and stamping for a while,
until I saw this technique all over stamping sites and YouTube.
I love chalkboard art, and have used stencils, tracing and a
projector to get the look you see on chalkboards everywhere from the coffee shop to
...every store in North America!
This technique is so simple and easy and fun to do.

I've been making Valentines. Just small cards.
This one I rubbed the edges with the white stamp ink
on a small scrap of paper towel.

Here I filled in the back with pencil.

With everything in black and white things seem to go
together well.

Couldn't fit the whole cartouche...

All you need is a white stamp pad or a versamark pad, embossing powder in white,
rubber stamps and a white colored pencil.
You stamp with the white or versamark pad (I stamped on black cardstock) and then immediately cover with embossing powder.
If you are not familiar with embossing powder,
it is powder that when heated with a heat gun, iron or even a toaster,
causes the powder to melt, and it becomes a raised image...like
embossed stationary.

I added lines with the white pencil and filled in some parts with the pencil too.
I used the stamps that I had, but there are so many great graphic stamps
with the chalkboard look out there.
 I'm going to make some larger examples to frame.

It couldn't be any gloomier, dirty snow, gray skies.  Another snowfall is coming this afternoon.  A great day for crafting. 

Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for your kind comments.  Enjoy this beautiful day!

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Lynne said...

Looks like a fun craft day for you. For some reason I can't get in to the Valentine mood yet . . . I do love old Valentine postcards. Maybe I will dig some of them out to fire me up!

Melanie said...

Your Valentine cards are just lovely! I hope you have a fun crafting day - it sure is gloomy out there. Me? I'm still in my pajamas, lol. Just reading blogs and magazines all morning.

Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

Love this look, you are so talented! I, however, don't think I have the patience for such a task these days. My scrapbooking days seem like they were so long ago, but I will get back to them again, SOME day! lol

Anonymous said...

Really like your interpretation on the chalkbaord trend. The embossing really does for me.