Thursday, January 2, 2014

Snowy New Year

This is what the radar still looks like, after a couple of days of accumulating snowfall.

It's a winter wonderland, beautiful, magical and cold.

You can estimate the snowfall from the 12 or more inches atop the table on the deck.

It's still Christmas here at home and will be for a few more days... Found a couple of photos of my visit with a Penny that I am able to share. These are the sparkle shoes I found her. She loved them and wore them to play. She is shoe crazy, boot crazy...and points out others cool shoes.

Grandma has learned not to spend a lot on anything for the sweet p. to wear for she is picky ( like me, I confess) and won't even try some things on much less wear them. She never even tried on the costume I got her for Halloween. I found this dress for $2.50. She wore it, over her doggy teeshirt for less than five minutes. She hated it, and kept tugging at it saying, Off, OFF! Jon got a few photos, and I am so glad I got this dress instead of the $30 dress I saw at Target! She is not a frilly dress kinda girl.
Look at those curls! She is our little Sally Brown, and is a girl with a mind of her own, and at 19 months! What a sweetheart!

We spent our New Years Day watching movies and documentaries on Netflicks. On the screen were recently watched films. The list made me cry. Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, Winnie the Pooh, Charlie Brown... I wonder what this does to Mike's profile at Netflicks? I know my coolness factor went way up with our little bird when I learned how to use it.

Have a great week my friends...I'll be under a throw, with a box of Kleenex nearby. Who knows how long this cold of mine will last, but I've got a warm house, a stocked pantry and a head full of...ideas, for the new year to keep me occupied. Enjoy this beautiful day!

Love, Penny


Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

What a doll! I remember how much fun I had dressing up my girls! Lucky for me they were not fussy THEN. Now is altogether another story lol. She sounds like a little ball of fire, that one. So glad you get to enjoy her. Hope your cold is not long for this world. My son's "back to school" today, but we're still enjoying the view of that beautiful carpet of snow. Happy New Year!

Debby said...

Feel better. Such cute shoes and little dress. with all that have the right idea....just get cozy and hope it goes away soon.

Melanie said...

Too funny that she's already fussy about what she wears. She's a girl, alright! I hope you get over your cold sorry you've been sick.

Blondie's Journal said...

What a little sweetie! It may be a little frustrating right now, but if she keeps up the quality of having her own mind, I think she'll be successful later in life.

The snow has been incredible. For awhile it was okay as so many people were home for the holidays to keep the sidewalks clean. Then today it just looked like a big blanket, you could barely see the street.

I'm sorry about your cold. I have the back problem and a cold and unfortunately empty cupboards. So my daughter is taking this old lady out to grocery shop tomorrow morning and to lift the heavy stuff...then I'm going back into hibernation!!

Feel better soon, my friend. Not the best way to start the New Year but maybe this will be it for the winter! :)


Lynne said...

Not surprised Little P has a mind of her own . . . Wonderful quality even though a bit frustrating. Happy for the $2.50 rather than the $30!

Stay warm . . . enjoy the window views! Hope you are sniffle free soon!