Wednesday, December 3, 2014

How to Make a Boxwood Wreath

Oh yes, I am loving the look of boxwood wreaths, but was hit with sticker shock when I saw them at the perennial farm.  Little did I know when I spent $16 on two bunches of boxwood to make my own wreath, that there were boxwood wreaths at Trader Joe's for $10! (Thanks for the heads up Melanie ;-)  Oh well, it was fun and easy to make my own. If you have a boxwood hedge or even a pine tree, you can make a wreath
I started by making little bunches of boxwood and secured them with wire.
Used my wire cutters to cut the boxwood and the wire.
Then after you've made more bunches than you think you'll need, start attaching them to a wire form.
 I found my form and wire at Michael's.
I've heard that boxwood is smelly, but maybe that is just the preserved kind.  The fresh was not.
You start attaching the bundles with the same wire you will use to make the bundles.  I used wire that comes on a paddle found in the floral section. It was easy to handle and I only dropped it twice ;-)  Make sure that the bundles overlap and that they are all going in the same direction. I secured the wire on the form and started to wrap it around and around the boxwood stems adding more boxwood and using a continuous length of wire.  The paddle is easy to handle and you don't have to worry about the wire tangling. You have to tuck in the last couple of bunches that will complete your wreath. There you go... Now you have a hand made wreath. From what I was told the boxwood is very long lasting, so you should be able to enjoy it for weeks to come.

I used a old plaid scarf to hang my wreath on my garbage picked door.  Classing up the place for the holidays.  I was inspired by my friend Joy at Savvy City Farmer.  Joy uses plaid in the most wonderful way.  When I found this scarf I knew how I would use it. So there you go, head out to the yard with some clippers or to Trader Joe's.
A boxwood wreath for Christmas!

The other day I took this sunset photo.  It was like a painting, so beautiful.
The next morning I saw a orange glow outside my window and caught the sunrise.
Sunrise, sunset...sunrise sunset...
What a gift life is!

Thanks for stopping by my friends.  Enjoy this beautiful day.


Debby said...

OOOOOh so pretty scenes. I have one o the boy scouts fundraiser wreath. Since I live on Spruce Drive in Evergreen Hills I have plenty o greens to work with. But, it is a fundraiser and I have a big heart.

Lynne said...

Beautiful . . .
Right you are, Sunrise, Sunset . . .
Really liked the Boxwood tutorial . . .
I have a ring and the Boxwood, not sure if I have enough time though . . . everything starts to crunch up together!
Sunrise . . . Sunset . . .

Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

As much as I'd like to make one, it will probably be Trader Joe's for me! I just saw one DIY boxwood wreath made from a $6.00 bundle of boxwood from Home Depot and a grapevine wreath. The blogger just stuck the boxwood in and voila. Yours is beautiful. I, however, would not have the patience. Thanks for the tip.