Monday, April 30, 2018

A Bridge Over Troubled Waters

 Just so happens that the song Bridge Over Troubled Waters came up on my shuffle and it seemed the perfect title for today's post.  The last two weeks have been filled with sickness and uncertainty.  Now it seems that the Sun is shining again.  Kristen, Jon and Charlotte and our girl Penny have all been sick.  A bug of some sort for the grownups and a weird blister that Penny got on her thumb that caused such problems for this little trooper.  My dear friend Jean has been released from the hospital into rehabilitation.  She is improving in tiny increments, but improving.  We've spoken and she sounds stronger, we laughed and that was balm for my heart.  Please keep Jean in your prayers, and  wishing her a very Happy and Healthy Birthday tomorrow

We were able to enjoy the weekend with our girl Penny.
As we got out of the car at the Chicago Botanic Gardens, Penny found a tiny bottle of bubbles in her jacket.  We didn't let the fact that she didn't bring her winter jacket stop us.  It was still pretty cold.  We layered several shirts, found a hat and a scarf that Penny says is her favorite.
Just as we walked away from the car a hawk flew about five feet in front of us, chased by a much smaller bird.  It was amazing, I never had a bird of that size swoop down that close.  Penny said the hawk gave her a dirty look!  I was thrilled, Penny, not so much. Grandpa just saw the tail with the little bird in quick pursuit.
Unlike at home where green and colors are still sparse, the gardens were green with many flowers dotting the landscape.

 The island was covered in daffodils, 
 So pretty even in the cold.
 We came to see the smelly Corpse Flower.
 Here is Spike! Titan arum, Amorphophallus titanium!
 Almost 7 feet tall.  We were lucky to be there after the stench it usually emits was gone..  That was Penny's first question of many to the docent.  She explained that if we had been there a couple of days sooner we would have smelled it, and it was really awful.  They actually put menthol under their noses otherwise it's unbearable.

 Here, they gathered pollen from the flowers hidden deep inside.  
Making a wish at a fountain in the greenhouse.
 Here my sweetest is reenacting a photo I took of him when we were dating.
 We left the cozy greenhouses and walked the Children's Garden.
 All the beds were planted with all the cool loving veggies.  Onions, leeks, radishes, greens of all kinds.
 Penny read each of the labels.

With an occasional was lovely to see things flourishing in the cold.
 The cold frames we bursting with greens.
 Inside the little greenhouse, herbs.

 A kitchen pot, filled with greens and herbs...
 edible hanging baskets too.

 This girl loves nature.
and we couldn't be more in love with her!

"Poppies, Poppies will put them to sleep..."
We slept very well after all that walking in the cold crisp air.

 Sunday we enjoyed this art exhibit at a local library and bought a $5 bag of 
used books for our reader.
Photo by penny j.

 We were happy to meet this beautiful kestrel at the Grove.  

 A walk in the woods, so much to see and hear.
It was quite a bit warmer.

 We met the kindest lady at the gift shop. She engaged Penny in talks about nature. It is such a pleasure to visit.  Penny choose two old fashioned toys, a ball and cup and a top.  We got into a conversation about when grandma and grandpa were young.  Penny was shocked to find out that we had no cell phones.  Penny asked, "How did you order dinner?"  One of many conversations that made us laugh and be amazed at our almost 6 going on 16 year old babygrand.

So I finish this post listening to Peaceful by Kenny Rankin...You might remember it being sung by Helen Reddy (Youngsters, google;-) or Youtube)

In the morning fun when no one will be drinking any
more wine
I'll wake the sun up by giving him a fresh air full of the wind cup
And I won't be found in shadows hiding sorrow
And I can wait for fate to bring around to me any part of my tomorrow.
It's oh so peaceful here
No one bending over my shoulder
nobody breathing in my ear.
Oh so peaceful here.

Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kindness.  
Enjoy this beautiful day.
Love, Penny

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Lynne said...

Beautiful post Penny . . .
I loved seeing all “the beginnings”at the gardens . . ,
Penny is such sweetness . . . sounds like she is going to be a reader!
Has the vegetables down pat . . .
Hope everyone is feeling better, sore finger/thumb ? too . . .
And caring, prayers for your friend . . .