Monday, April 2, 2018

Easter 2018

This is the guy, with his serious going to the basket blessing face.  He's the guy that makes everything possible.  I may get the accolades, but it is his hard work that makes it all possible.
Having our basket of food blessed is a tradition that goes back generations, this starts the Easter celebration for our family. 
This tradition is serious business at our parish.  There are three blessings.  One in English and two in Polish to accommodate the large Polish community springing up in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicagoland.
 We do this to honor the memory of my Buscia and my dear Mom. I hope one of my kids continues this tradition, especially for Penny and for any other grandchildren of the future. :-)
After the blessing I can't help but feel Easter. That and listening to old Folk Mass Songs on YouTube.
All my years in our Folk Group, the Social Center 7 or the IHMYPC, Immaculate Heart of Mary Young Peoples Choir makes the music of the season the very best way for me to celebrate and pray. I do need some tissues as I listen, so many sweet memories.

 Holy Saturday's sunset.
 How Great Thou Art...
 When Easter morning arrived I was knee deep in casseroles and other preparations. When Penny and Kris and Doug arrived Penny couldn't wait to open her giant card.  Did you know she has always wanted a big card?  She was thrilled!  So much joy and happiness.
 One of the few photos I took of the food.  Here son Mike is sampling the dessert table,
 Hit of the day, Chocolate Eclair Cake.  We also had brownie bites, pineapple upside down bundt, a delicious lamb cake, made by my dear pal Mary, and a jar of muddy buddies. 
 Would you cross the street if you saw this guy?  No, he's the sweetest, likes to tease his Momma.
 My baby bro Jeff.
 Bro Greg and SIL Mindy.
 Found this Bunny teapot, so cute.
 Here Penny and Amanda's sister Gina who is visiting from the UP decorate the chalkboard for Easter.  They became fast friends and look forward to the wedding of Mike and Amanda later this year when they can hang around together again. 
 Two sweethearts.  We met Gina at the airport since the kids were working.  I am not a seasoned traveler like my dearest, so it was quite the shock to walk through security to pick up this dear girl who bravely traveled alone on an airplane to join us for Easter.  We are so glad she came.
The sun was setting and I went outside to catch the light.  My kids have recently had their DNA researched.  I learned that on my daughter Kris' Maternal side we come from henge builders, like the folks who build Stonehenge.  This is my modern day henge.  It runs North and South to frame the rising and setting sun.  Pretty cool, huh?
 Me and my shadows.
 This is the special drawing that Penny made me for Easter.  It's a joke too for April Fools.
 Here's the chalkboard the girls drew.
 Cute bunnies.
 Just some quick pics this morning...
 My muscari, so pretty I just might do this each year for Easter.
 Little cuttings from Elizabeth.
 The wheat grass I do grow each year.  Such a lovely pop of green.
 Gorgeous hydrangeas from Elizabeth. 
 A cloche with a bunny vignette.
 It's simple joys like ivy growing through the lace curtain that float my boat.
 Another bunny under glass.
 Not everyone remembered to take their treats.

Here we are back at the front door where we said goodbye to all our guests.
What a beautiful day we had together.  The food was plentiful, the guests in good spirits. All my kids and granddaughter were with us.  Oh how I love to hear them talk and laugh together. We were missing our St.Louis family, but FaceTime brought us together.  We also missed sweet Emma, dear nephew Greg.   
We prayed together before brunch and remembered my dear friend Jean who is ill and needs a break dear Lord.  She has been on my mind and in my heart, especially through all of the quiet times, as I cleaned and cooked and before bed each night. Please keep her in your good thoughts and prayers.

Thanks for stopping by and for your kindness and friendship.
Enjoy this beautiful day.
Love, Penny


Jeanie said...

I love the idea of the blessings. That's really beautiful. And it looks like you had a wonderful day with people you love and that's what makes it all so special.

Lynne said...

I love your traditions . . .
Learning and gleaning . . .
Basket Blessing is wonderful . . .
Warmth and Love Live Within All You Are Penny . . .
Happy Orthodox Easter week . . .