Monday, April 9, 2018

It starts and ends with snow!

 Weird weather, even for Chicago.  Wednesday we were hit with another round of snow.  It didn't last long, but the cold just stays and stays.
 Any signs of growth were covered.
 Icy walks and cars covered.
 The only color was from my faux flowers.
 A chilly place to sit.
 Inside Penny's plants are sprouting.  She won some paper lady bugs that had flower seeds embedded in them.  We potted them up during Camp Grandma and they are growing!
The back.
 I had this sheet, a Ralph Lauren thrifted but beautiful one.  Parts of it were shredded , but I hated to see it go.  I got out my favorite pattern and made myself a apron.
The front.  
 I made all the bias binding,
 from a shabby chic shower curtain.  It really is lovely, my photos don't do this pretty print justice.
In the dining room, my muscari are dazzling.
 They glow like stained glass in the sunlight.
 One little ranunculus decided to bloom.
 My wheat grass is growing and growing.
 I need a tiny lawn mower. ;-)
 On Friday we were invited to celebrate our Amanda's birthday.  This is a blurry photo of Henry.  He is my favorite cat, but I am very allergic.
 Here's the birthday girl.
There's my silly son with the crazy look for his Mom. 
Amanda is an accomplished artist.  In the background you'll see one of her 
amazing works of art. 
We had a quiet weekend, did some thrifting and looking for a replacement for a fountain that my dearest made when we moved into our home long ago.  It's made from a 1/2 barrel with a plastic liner.  We found the new barrel but not the liner.  
We went everywhere...Home Depo, Menards, local nurseries. 

 We found lots of cool stuff.
 Isn't this a great idea?
I loved the little ficus in this fairy garden.  We had a 6 foot ficus a long time ago.  It dropped leaves if you looked at it the wrong way.  Still it was awesome to have a tree in our apartment.  When we moved my brother took it and it lived for years. I hadn't thought of that tree for a long time.

 I still love plants, but have much better luck with outdoor plantings than indoor.  I have managed to keep a few things alive over the winter.  This angel vine...
 a little geranium,
 a variegated ivy,
 but this geranium is two seasons old, and like me loves being close to my hubby.  It is thriving in his office window.
It loves technology talk and problem solving.  Anyway, it must because it had a great winter, blooming throughout.
 View through my office window today.
 It's a winter wonderland...except it's April 9th.
 I can't say I'm not enjoying it.  Makes the house all cozy like.

"Spring had come once more...
lingering through April
and May in a succession of sweet,
fresh, chilly days, with pink
sunsets and miracles of
 resurrection and growth."
-L.M. Montgomery, "Anne of Green Gables"

Hope springs eternal.

Please continue to keep my friend Jean lifted in good thoughts and prayers.  She will begin her chemo very soon. Jean's life is helping others.  She is the reason that we have been able to touch thousands of people with our service projects.  Now Jean needs our help, and all she asks for is prayers. 
Dear Jean, May God hold you in the palm of His hand. 

Thank you for stopping by and for your friendship and kindness.
Enjoy this beautiful day,
Love, Penny


Jeanie said...

The MIchigan contingent feels your snowy pain, but at least you are making a very good stab of spring within! Good on you!

Lynne said...

Spring on . . .
Thoughts and prayers for Jean . . .

Our Hopeful Home said...

Wow, it has been SO long my friend! I never check my Blogger reading list which is why you have not heard from me in so long. We have the same weather so I feel you. That apron is fabulous and I love wheat grass in the spring! I will add your friend to my long prayer list! xo Kathy