Monday, April 2, 2018

Camp Grandma, Spring Break Edition

Flowers by Elizabeth
 It was Spring break and I had company for a few days.  My dearest darling granddaughter Penny came for a visit.  She had only agreed to spending one night, because she would miss her Mom, but she ended up spending three nights.  Then on Wednesday evening when it was time to go home she cried and cried wanting to stay.  We had such a great time together, so much fun and so many laughs.
Penny slept like a log each night.  One night she was out before I ever got to read a story. 

We shopped for groceries for our Easter brunch.  Grandma saw a beautiful white lace dress at the Wally Mart, but Penny had other ideas.  She choose the bright blue lace that looked lovely on her.
The next day we shopped for shoes, and these pink ones were her choice.  She was so in love with the little French heels and the open toe.  Penny is a fashionista.  She knows what's up.  I do not question her taste.  She is LOVELY.

 Grandpa was working throughout Penny's visit.  He recently bought a new desk chair and it came in a big beautiful box.  Penny made the perfect little home for herself and her favorite doll.  She shopped Grandma's house for the perfect accessories.  She even hung some art on the walls, pictures from a competition we had, judged by Auntie Elizabeth.  I could have won, but my picture of mountains included a unattended campfire and Smokey Bear.  It was an instant disqualification.  Penny loved my drawings and filled her tiny home with them. 

 It's still very chilly here in the Midwest, but we braved the cold so Penny could show off some of her scooting moves.
 Suburbia has it's perks, empty driveways make for great scooting.  Grandma kept up pretty well, but having my own scooter would have made it more fun. 
 We were on the lookout for signs of Spring and found some.
 Our time together went much too fast.  Penny had great adventures planned with Mom for the rest of the week, and I had a brunch to plan, shop and cook for.

The last thing Penny said to me every night was "Grandma, I love you." There is no better feeling than that.  The other thing that sticks out in my memory of her stay...  Grandpa would be working in his office and Penny would bring him breakfast.  She insisted on putting his yogurt and banana on a plate with a napkin. To make it nice.  Kind and thoughtful, crazy and cute.  Loving and smart as can be.  That's our girl. Being Grandma is the best, sweetest job ever.

Enjoy this beautiful day.
Love, Grandma Penny


babs said...

How sweet, days filled with a little one. We had my two Chicago nieces up here with us. My they grow so fast.
Happy Spring dear friend!

Jeanie said...

I think it sounds like a most perfect day! Penny sounds a dream.

Lynne said...
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Lynne said...

“Grandma I love you” says it all . . .
Happy Springtime Penny!