Monday, April 23, 2018

Earth Day and other worries.

 Friday at 5:00 sharp, I reclaimed my husband from work and we headed to the Lake for some much needed respite.  It was still cold but comfortable and the sun was shining. 

 The minute I walk onto the beach my blood pressure drops and my cares seem to disappear.
 The Lake was quiet, just a few people around.
 Loving the longer days.
 The beach scrubbed clean by recent winds and storms.

 A different perspective.
 One lonely seagull.

The rest of the weekend was not as tranquil.

Saturday some of our kids came by after a party at a friend's.  Kris was sick, bad sore throat.  She fell asleep, Penny had a funny blister on her thumb.  A box dropped on her hand and just clipped the tip of her thumb.  She was not happy.  Charlotte felt ill...they stayed for a while but as the were on the way home, Charlotte was sick and they had to stop on the highway.  I love to see them all anytime,  this time was just stressful.  I was grateful when they were all safely back at their homes and I started to relax  little.  Then Mike and Amanda called to tell us they were taking a "surprise" road trip.  This is at 9:00pm, and they are traveling across two states.   At some point I have to let it go, but the Mother in me has no off switch.

Sunday, sensing that I needed a change of venue, honey and I did some thrift therapy.
 The corning ware casserole was just two dollars. A little elbow grease, some bar keeps friend and it was like brand new.  Something I always need as the family grows.
 This was so tempting, I just had to grab it.  Tiny 2 1/2 inch squares. 
It was Earth Day so free seeds at checkout. Not that just planting seeds will do much to protect the Earth from the relaxing of hard earned protections of the air, water and preserving wild places, fought for since our first Earth Day in 1970.   Do I sound cranky? 

 Pretty embroidered table runner.
 I have over 5 yards of this.  Polished cotton, a really pretty print and colors.

I arranged this bike basket.  All I need is a bike!  Seriously.  I tried to hang it on the front door but it won't hang right. 

 Bits of spring in the yard.
 We found the liner for our water feature but it won't fit our old barrel. 
 Just the way this weekend went.
 In a blue funk. It happens to us all. 
We had a great turnout for our service night.  We're trying to keep at least one of our projects going with our Jean still in the hospital.  Jean leads all of the things we do for the community.  We, and especially I, am lost without her direction.
Please keep Jean in your prayers. 

Turning a new leaf today.  Back to my optimistic cheerful self.  This may take a while.

Thanks for stopping by.
Enjoy this beautiful day.
Love, Penny


Eileen in Fla. said...

Not cranky, just tired of Winter...and worried about our precious planet and the way its being treated.-Eileen in Fla.

Lynne said...

Oh my Penny . . .
What a week, weekend . . .

Lengthy Sprinter played havoc with my spirit so I wonder if it has had some affect on you as well.
Doesn’t help when “our chicks” are not well, and/or flitting all over the country . . .
On top of that, your sweet Jean fighting for life and wellness.

Lake time respite sounds like it was a good plan . . ,
We usually know where to go, what we need, for calm and renewal . . .

Be tender with yourself this week Penny . . .