Monday, September 13, 2010

Country Roads

Blessed with beautiful weather and a husband who loves to drive me around, we hit the road. (Thanks Honey, you're the best!) A advertised sale turns out to be just ten tables, but with the nicest friendliest people. We found a few treasures. That's right, WE! My husband found a treasure too.
A small flea market at Wilmont, a small ski destination in winter, has a weekly market in summer. One dollar admission gets you a hundred or so vendors. I found some old fashioned wooden berry baskets and a couple of books of vintage music.
It was so tempting to purchase a pumpkin, still a little early for the big ones. When I purchase them later, I can have pumpkins until Thanksgiving. I stick with the small gourds, until October.
We passed this old barn, and discovered that the farm has been occupied by the same family for over 100 years. The barn is used as the offices of a local municipality. You can even take yoga classes in the barn. It's great to discover cool things so close to home. Tomorrow, I'll share a few of my rummage and flea market treasures, and a funny story about my dear husband's unusual find. Enjoy this beautiful day.

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