Monday, September 13, 2010

Finding Treasure

I always look for old books at a rummage sale or flea market. I purchased these four because the paper was aged to perfection. Perfect for collage. What do you think of the flowers around the books? I made a bunch for small gifts to welcome autumn. I took apart silk flowers, layered burlap, vintage sheet music and netting I cut in my die cutter. I stapled them together onto manila paper and glued a button in the center. I made a bunch, sometimes I don't know when to stop. Some will be magnets and others will decorate some journals.
This pretty tin called my name, prettier in person than photographed.
I had milk bottles but gave them to my daughter, and have looked for reasonably priced ones ever since. The milk bottles were $1 each , but they wanted $8 to $10 dollars for a blue ball jar, go figure, it's usually the opposite.
Then there's my dear hubby's find. We watch Pawn Stars and American Pickers on the History Channel every Monday night. Last Monday, on Pawn Stars, (a pawn shop in Las Vegas that gets many unusual items and customers) they featured one of these bottles. I had never seen or heard of one before. At a little flea market with ten tables, my husband spotted this one. It's a four chambered whiskey bottle, made in France. He was so excited, and asked the vendor, how much? She said, one dollar! My husband started telling the vendor about the TV show and a little crowd formed. One lady said, I would have bought it myself if I had seen it first, I love that show. Seems like everyone there had seen the same show. A nice conversation followed and everyone had a good laugh at the coincidence of finding this bottle after just seeing it on TV. It was so much fun to see my husband enjoy the hunt as much as I did, and now he has a good story to tell our sons who also watch the show. Now, what to do with a whiskey bottle when you don't drink...
Flowers you say, great idea! Enjoy this beautiful day.
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Anonymous said...

=) I have the same four chambered bottle..
I love it even when it's empty..
the vendor told me it was a liquor bottle..

it was such a fun..
to see it here.. =9

Pamela said...

Dear Penny,
I love those old books!!! Old books are one of my favourite things to collect. That tin basket is very pretty got some great finds.
I didn't get a chance to comment on your last post. I love the photo of Tyke and that barn is beautiful!! Great photos Penny lots of colour.
Pamela xo

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet Penny!!! I saw that episode!! How cool that you found one as well!!!! What a gorgeous vase it would make and no need for a flower frog either :) I just love old books...they're like sweet friends to me ~ hugs and love, Dawn

Griselda said...

sooooooo lovely!