Saturday, September 4, 2010

Weekend update...

I'm really looking forward to the long holiday weekend. I started yesterday in a baking frenzy, made 16 small zucchini loaves, 2 large loaves and a couple dozen cupcakes for my niece's birthday favors. The weather was BEAUTIFUL, so with the windows open to the cool breezes, I could have baked more...but I ran out of eggs. The guys wanted to know what was up, bake sale, company... Just the joy of baking. I'm giving away most of the bread, and if you noticed, one of the loaves disappeared. Quality control. My husband wants to keep the English Valley Bakery up to the standards he's become accustomed to!

Just a few cool finds from last weekend. The three carved wooden bowls will hold pine cones, acorns and dried fruit potpourri for the fall.
The wash pan is already hanging in the laundry room with the one I found a few weeks ago. The Charles Wysocki Christmas bowl still had floral foam and tape on it. It was a bargain at 50 cents. The small book is about Herbs.

How about this, it has Walter E. Smith Furniture engraved on it.

Here is my Currier and Ives Winter tray. I'm sure I'll find Summer someday, I know it's out there! Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend dear friends, and enjoy this BEAUTIFUL day.

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