Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall is Magic!

We took a trip to our local nursery, housed in an old family barn with our great niece, seeing all the fall splendor through her beautiful eyes. So much to see, with beautiful displays. She made a bee line to the pumpkins, and choose two. The tiniest one she could find and one the size of a clincher,(Chicago style 12 inch softball) heavy, but not so heavy that she couldn't carry it herself. Clever girl that little bird of of ours.

This is my kind of tool box, filled with ornamental kale, pansies, creeping charlie, or is that jenny?

A large display of heirloom varieties. My favorites are the Lumina white pumpkins, and the Cinderella, that look just like her coach...

and speaking of Cinderella's coach... Here it is! Hope you can visit a local farm or nursery and discover some Fall magic for yourself.

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Anne Marie said...

they do great display it looks like! i love that metal cabinet...

and i too have the white pumpkin as my current fav...they'll be here at the sale!! yeah!