Saturday, October 9, 2010

Anne Marie's NaDa Farm Sale

Once again, I was so impressed by how beautiful everything was at the NaDa Farm Sale. Lovely displays, vintage items, one of a kind crafts and nature's bounty filled antique pieces and every nook and cranny of the space. Creative use of dirt, flower pots, twigs and branches, filling containers to overflowing. It was so nicely done, with so much attention to detail. I can't imagine all the work that went into hosting this sale. Anne Marie is grace personified. It's a pleasure to spend time with her. Even when she is pulled in ten different directions, she still manages to be a gracious hostess.
Jennifer Rizzo is another dynamo. So talented and full of great ideas. It's always a pleasure to see her. She hosted the blogging event that got me started.
I wish I had more time to spend, to examine all the displays, and meet all the wonderful women involved. Still I came away INSPIRED, and with a few goodies.
Thanks to to Anne Marie and her beautiful family for their hospitality, and to Jennifer for the extra hug on my way out.

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Suzanne said...

Darn it. I knew I should have contacted you in order to meet up at the sale. And how did I not know you had your own blog?

Counting Your Blessings said...

Hi Penny. You're so sweet! It was wonderful to meet you. Thank you for coming to the sale. And thank you for sharing pictures. Anne Marie is indeed an amazing gal and I think all the vendors were honored to be part of such a beautiful event! It was just icing on the cake that we also got to meet so many lovely bloggers.

Blessings... Polly

Heidi said...

Your pictures are so pretty!

Anne Marie said...

your blanket is so sweet Polly......and your words are so touching and kind -

so glad you enjoyed yourself....

anne marie